You Belong With Me(A Taylor Swift Fan-Fic)

Hello I'm Taylor Swift.
I believe in love at first sight.
And this is what I have just experienced.
But I'm not perfect, You have someone better.
Prettier,Skinnier and well she has him.


3. Chapter 3

I tapped my feet to the beat of the clock ticking, Only 30 more seconds until my friday night begins!


The whole class sprang up in joy and threw books,pens and paper up in the air. It was like High School Musical without all the singing and dancing...Everyone screamed and ran out the room, The whole comotion of the hallways were quite overwhleming. There he was, Leaning against the fence in his soccer uniform. I ran over to him and smiled,

"I forgot you had the end of term game good luck I'll be watching!"

I blurted out not even thinking what I was saying,

"Haha thanks"

He gave a weak smile and I skipped away, I pushed through the crowd and walked to my car. When I got home Meredith was lying across the doormat, which was now covered in cats hairs..


I screamed and she sprang up and walked over to me,

"Come on girl"

While I strolled through the door I shouted,

"Hey mom, I'm home!"

I ran upstairs,with Meredith following closely behind, when it hit me.Oh no. What am I going to wear to the 'big' game?! I ran into my room and headed to my wardrobe. "Hmm.... Umm.... No. OH My Days!"

I took out a really cute outfit, (Link in the note at the bottom!) I grabbed a creme long sleeved top with black stripes, my Jack Wills gilet(BodyWarmer), Some navy skinny jeans and some navy Toms. I slipped them on  and left my hair naturally curly. I also grabbed my heart earrings and my sea bracelet.


I ran downstairs and patted Meredith on the way, 3:50pm Great 10 minutes to get there.

"Bye mum! Going to the big game! Love you!"

I skipped joyfully down the hallway,

"Okay sweetie don't be late home!"

I grabbed my iPhone and my keys and ran out the door.


I sat in the front row and watched the cheerleaders, Including Chantelle ugh. She looked at me and smiled mischeviously. I glared back and turned my attention to the footballers running through the tunnel, There he was. He was scanning the audience when he finally met my eyesight, He smiled and gave a slight wave before running onto the pitch. Let's hope they win!

*A note!*

Sorry guys I had a bit of writer's block. It's Ciara Anne here! Hope you enjoyed my first chapter. Me and Jess have been taking ages to decide if whether or not we should do a sequel but if we do it will be 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' Give me your thoughts thanks!

- CiaraAnne <3

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