You Belong With Me(A Taylor Swift Fan-Fic)

Hello I'm Taylor Swift.
I believe in love at first sight.
And this is what I have just experienced.
But I'm not perfect, You have someone better.
Prettier,Skinnier and well she has him.


2. Chapter 2 'Little note'

'Little Note!- Hey guys just saying got a new book coming called Heart Attack On with the chapter!'


We stumbled home from school with him, He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and some worn out jeans and I was wearing a baggy tank top with a floral skirt.

"So then.. I didn't know you could play an instrument"

I flashed him a smile and turned to face him clutching on to my science books,

"Yeah I've signed up for the bleachers"

He raised his eyebrows and showed an expression of "Well.. That's impressive' And a piece of hair fell across my face. He picked the strand up and wrapped it behind my ear before standing up and offering his hand,

"Hey come on we should be getting home! It looks like it's going to rain!"

I stared up at the grey clouds surrounding us, A storm was about to erupt,

"Come on!" 

I grabbed his hand as we ran home, then without a warning he stopped and looked at me and smiled,

"What? Is there something on my face?"

I patted and wiped all around my face concious that there was something there when a rain dropped tenderly on my nose,

"No there's nothing on your nose it's just I.. no don't worry"

I saw a rain drop approach his cheek and as it landed I let out a slight giggle as he jumped,

"Quick run!"

I said hauling him towards home it took him a while but he snapped out of it and started running. He let go of my hand and sprinted,

"Beat you there!"

I couldn't really see where I was going because my glasses had fogged up so I took them off, I mean I've had them for a year it wouldn't harm to take them off for a bit, and finally I could see him wet hair draping across his face while he shook off like a dog as I approached him, I gasped and nudged him a little,

"I'm soaked!"

I let out a yelp as I felt two strong hands pick me up and sprint towards my house,

"Hey!Put me down!"

I didn't really help as he was a american football player.. I took a chance to glance up to his face, His eyelashes dripping wet while his deep blue eyes stared ahead, a smile formed on his face,

"See something you like?"

No! He had noticed me staring, I felt my cheeks burning up a shade of burgandy as we approached my house,

"You have reached your destination"

He said in a robotic voice before putting me down,

"Thankyou my kind sir"

I said bowing over as we both laughed,

"But yeah thanks, Go on Twitter?"

He clutched his hand over his mouth,

"You actually asked me too? When do I not?"

He hugged me goodbye as he ran to his house, the rain had stopped now.. I raised my hands up in the air and whispered,


I ran into the house and heard cluttering in the kitchen,

"Honey is that you?"'

My mum's blonde head popped round the corner as she emerged around the door frame, She was in a long black top with sequins at the hemline, long black trousers and an apron wrapped around her waist,

"Hey mom what's cooking?"

She ran into the kitchen with a cooking book trying to read the book,

"Tuna napolitana and for desert it's a raspberry cheescake and little lady where are your glasses?"

Yumm, Cheesecake my favourite!!

"Oh uh they got all foggy and you know I like cheesecake!"

I winked at my mum and strolled upstairs into my room to see Callum shouting down the phone to his girlfriend I think.. I jumped onto my bed and grabbed my iPhone and signed into Twitter. When I signed on one tweet stood out,

'@callum13 who knew saying 1 thing could change everything? :/'

'Another Little Note- Sorry it's abit long.. should I make them shorter?'



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