Kayla and her best friend Naomi are excited and beyond to be starting junior high. While Naomi is getting close to a boy in her math class, Kayla realizes she has a mysterious yet very hot stalker. Her world comes crashing down around her when she is kidnapped and finds out a shocking truth about her world. When it comes time to celebrate her sweet 16th birthday party she is forced to make a life changing decision. Both Tristan and Parker have been fighting for her heart but only one can win.


2. The Voice

“Kayla! Naomi!”

  “Parker! What are you doing here?” I exclaimed.

  “Ya, I thought you moved to Europe!” Naomi squealed, wrapping him in a tight hug.

  “You guys know each other?” Blake asked, looking very confused.

  “Totally.” Naomi says, batting her long lashes and scooting closer to him. “But I would never date him or anything, he’s like the brother I never had.”

  “I see” Blake replies, wiggling his eyebrows.

  I stepped away and started toward school, not wanting to get zapped by the sparks radiating of those two. I felt Parker come up beside me and knew he had the same thought I had.

  “So are you going to Everwood too?” I ask, trying to start up a conversation. There was something strange about the way he walked. He looked different from when I saw him last summer. I couldn’t put my finger on it, he was just different somehow.

  “Yeah, only because of you, I might add”

  I looked at him through my bangs, hoping he was just kidding. He wasn’t. His face was pure seriousness, making butterflies break loose in my gut.

  “Well say something!” Naomi says and pokes me from behind.

  “Urm, I don’t really know what to say to be honest. I was hoping he was kidding.”

  Parker cleared his throat, “I’m still here.”

  “Sorry” I mutter, and hurry ahead. That was embarrassing.


  “He’s in my math class!” Naomi exclaimed excitedly.

  “You called me to tell me that?”

  I hadn’t seen her since that afternoon when we had eaten lunch with Parker and Blake. She was now ranting on and on about how cute he was. Honestly this chick falls fast!

  Suddenly I heard my cat snarl and hiss at the window. My orange and white tabby jumped down from the window sill and hid under my bed. That’s weird all on it’s own, Simba isn’t afraid of anything.

  I leaped from my chair, and ran to the window, there were deep boot prints in the mud outside. Since it had rained earlier in the day, there were footprints running across the lawn too.

  “Are you even listening to me?” Naomi spoke through the phone.

  “Yeah” I lied, “But I have to go now for dinner.”



  “I didn’t say anything, have a nice dinner.” Naomi said just before the line went dead.

  You can hear me?

  “Who are you?” I spun around, trying to find the owner of this sexy, smooth voice.

   Stay away from Parker, and keep an eye out for me

  “Where are you? What are you talking about?” I stutter

  I stayed silent for several minutes with no answer.


  A yelp escaped my lips. What now? I hopped down the stairs and skipped over to the door. The second I opened it I was enveloped in a huge suffocated hug.

  I warned you

  That voice rang clear in my ears again, making my heart race. I pulled back to see that I had just hugged a guy wearing a black ski mask. I stifled a scream and ran across the living room to hide behind the couch. Who was it, and what did they want?

  “Someone’s jumpy today” Parker’s voice sounded muffled because of the mask.

  “Dammit Parker! What’s wrong with you!”

  “Your hearts beating a mile a minute Kayla, I know it’s not just me who scared you. I saw those tracks outside your window.” he stated, “What’s wrong?”

  “Nothing,” I lied, “You just scared the living shit out of me.”

  “What about the tra-”

  “I don’t know anything about the tracks.” I insisted.



   So who do you think owns the sexy voice in Kayla's head? Is it just her mear imagination? Or is someone trying to tell her something? Read on to find out! Please don't forget to vote and comment, I    would love to hear what you thought about this so far! =)

   Madi: *sits in the bushes holding a pair of boots and pressing them into the mud* La Tee Tum Tum playing in the mud

   Annomonis: What are you doing with my boots?

   Madi: *stares at the sexiest guy she has ever seen* urm, I wanted to see if you were the one outside this freaks window.

   Annomonis: *raises a brow* can I have my boots back?

Madi: Hehehe NEVER! *runs down the street with the boots dragging on the ground*


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