Kayla and her best friend Naomi are excited and beyond to be starting junior high. While Naomi is getting close to a boy in her math class, Kayla realizes she has a mysterious yet very hot stalker. Her world comes crashing down around her when she is kidnapped and finds out a shocking truth about her world. When it comes time to celebrate her sweet 16th birthday party she is forced to make a life changing decision. Both Tristan and Parker have been fighting for her heart but only one can win.


3. Speed, Strength, Hearing?

  I sauntered down the front steps and into the driveway. My light grey jeans hugged tighter around my legs because of the bitter cold November morning. I wrapped my leather jacket tighter around myself trying to form a protective blanket from the wind.

  I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. Everything about last night scared the bejeebies out of me. This morning was no different.

  There were no birds chirping, no rays of sun dancing across the ground. Even the old man who live across street’s dog wasn’t barking. And that’s a first.

  Occasionally I heard a rustle of the leaves or a car drive down the road. As I turned the corner I saw a figure, walking close behind me, in my peripheral vision. It was the same guy I had seen the other day while I was at the mall with Naomi. And then again when I took granny’s dog, Tucker, to the park.

  He had black hair that fell over his eyes. He had dark ripped jeans and a red t-shirt, also matched with a leather jacket. His boots were wet with dew and the soles were caked with mud.

  He would have been really hot if I hadn’t got the sneaking suspicion that the footprints outside my window belonged to his shiny leather boots.

  I quickened my pace and pulled out my phone. To Naomi: Mimi, u @ skewl yet?”

  “Nah, still @ home, bad hair day.”

  “I’ll b rite over”

  I slipped my phone into my back pocket and glanced over my shoulder. Is it just me, or is that creep getting closer?

  I turned into Naomi’s driveway and sped to the door. The second I rang the doorbell the door swung open. I looked over my shoulder once again. He was nowhere in sight.


  “You seriously expect me to believe that you have your own personal stalker?”

  I had told Naomi the entire story, from Simba’s hissing fit to the hot guy following me down the street. Saying it out loud made me realize how crazy it did sound.

  “You have to believe me, I won’t lie about this kind of stuff.” I plea

  “I never said that you were lying, I simply mean that you could be...overreacting.”

  I roll my eyes, “Typical”

  “I’m sorry! But honestly, what are the odds of an insanely hot guy stalking you?”

  I look up from tying my shoes, “Excuse me? What’s that supposed to mean?”

  “Well, it’s not like you look like a slut. Look at you,” she indicates to my clothes, “You show absolutely no cleavage, your bra never shows, you never wear short shorts or miniskirts.”

  I raise my hand and she stops, “I get the point, I’m a good girl. But that still doesn’t mean that I’m imagining all this.”


  Naomi pulls out her phone and checks the caller ID. She glances at me and then answers. “Parker, hi”

  “Hello Naomi, is Kayla there?”

  That’s strange, I can hear both sides of the convo, Naomi’s phone must be really really loud.

  “Ya she’s right here, we’re running a little late.”

  “I could pick you girls up if you want, it’s on my way.”

  There it is again

  “Could you? That would be awesome! Thank you so much!” Naomi squeals and hangs up.

  “When is he going to be here?” I ask casually

  “You heard that?”

  “Yeah, your phone is really loud.” I say shrugging

  “No, I keep it on the lowest setting, I can barely hear it.”

  “Whatever, let’s just go.” I say and fling open the door. I do not what to get into a fight over something so stupid.


  “Woah ho! Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the hamster wheel!” Parker whistled as I slammed my door shut, I had barely tugged on it but he shut with such a force that the entire car shook.

  “My bad, sorry”

  “She`s developing super hearing too” Mimi snickered from the back seat.

  Parker glanced strangely at me, and then gave Naomi a questioning look.

  “Yeah, you’d think she’s been bitten by a vampire or something” she chuckled.

  Parker let out a strangled noise and looked at me with a horrified expression. He actually believed in vampires? Geez! How old is this guy, 5?

  Wee! I had fun writing this chapter, anyway, tell me what you think? Don’t forget to fan, vote, and comment. Also, check out my website =(|)

  Madi: *pops up in the back seat beside Naomi* Hiya! Don’t forget how it only took you a total of 20 seconds to walk to Naomi’s house, even when you took the extra 10 second s to text her.

  Naomi: Ah! It’s her again!

  Parker: Who the heck is she?

  Kayla: *bangs head off window*

  Madi: *wiggles her eyebrows at Parker* I’m your future girlfriend, hot stuff

  Parker: Get out of my car!

  Madi: I love it when you play hard to get! *flings myself out the window and land on a hobo’s box*

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