Kayla and her best friend Naomi are excited and beyond to be starting junior high. While Naomi is getting close to a boy in her math class, Kayla realizes she has a mysterious yet very hot stalker. Her world comes crashing down around her when she is kidnapped and finds out a shocking truth about her world. When it comes time to celebrate her sweet 16th birthday party she is forced to make a life changing decision. Both Tristan and Parker have been fighting for her heart but only one can win.


4. At School!

   I hurried towards my locker, Parker following effortlessly behind me. He wouldn't stop staring at my neck and wrists. It was hilarious how his tough guy front can crumble down so fast, when it comes to monsters. What a dork.

   "Will you stop staring at me!" I whine as I spin my combo on my lock.

   "You worry me, what's wrong?"

   "Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong." I lie.

   Upon checking my schedule, I pulled my math and science binder from my locker. I was not looking forward to two fifty minute periods of math.

   "Stop lying, I know when your lying, dammit! I can hear it." he rumbles.

   He had already retrieved his books and was now leaning against his locker door. Not only did I have all my classes with him, but we were also locker neighbors. Coincidence? I don't think so.

   His father is the principal of the school, and his mother is the nurse. Parker defiantly had connections at this school and everyone knew it, including himself, even though he didn't flaunt it. 

   He was also the smartest, strongest, fastest, most all around scholar I knew. It was creepy how perfect this guy is, but I pushed that thought from my head. I glanced up , he was staring accusingly down at me. He would have been really good looking if he didn't have such an angry expression.

   "Ok, ok," I sigh, "I'm not fine. A lot of things have happened in a really short period of time and I don't know how or why."

   His expression softened, "What happened?"

   I look around, Parker is standing close enough for people to notice. I could hear the gossip now, Hey did you hear? Parker is hooking up with a complete nobody! or Who is that girl throwing herself at Parker? I slowly take a self-conscious step away from him.

   To my surprise he takes a step towards me, "Talk to me dammit!"

   I take another step away, then turn and hurry towards class. I heard his steps follow close behind along with snickers from our viewers. He grabs my shoulder and pins me against a locker, bringing shocking gasps from the other students. 

   "Parker!" I gasp.

   "Start talking." he demands.

   People were laughing and pointing now. Whispers filled the hall. I could physically feel my protective barrier crumbling down around me. Exposing me to the cruel, harsh words of the entire student body.

   Parker let out an exasperated sigh, then grabbed my hand tightly and dragged me down the hall. Away from the malicious chatter. He pulled me all the way into the parking lot and to his car. Upon throwing me into the passenger seat and settling in himself, he pulled out his phone and jabbed the buttons of his phone harshly with his thumb.

   "...It's me...Yeah...Kayla...Yes dad...I will...Don't worry..Ok, bye"

   He then revved the engine and sped out onto the highway. I watched as his eyes focused intently on the road his features tensing and relaxing, like he's trying to decide what he's going to say first.

   "Are you going to tell you whats wrong or not?" he snaps.

   "I don't know..."

   "What?" he growls.

   "I don't know whats wrong, honestly." I whimper.

   His sudden aggression surprised me, I have never seen this side of Parker before. So impulsive, so angry, yet caring and protective at the same time. I thought only girls have crazy hormones.

   "How can you not know?" he asks lightly.

   "I-Well, first there were the foot prints outside my window, then this guy was following me this morning, followed by freaky walking speed and super hearing." I ramble.

   "What do you think it is?" 


   "What do you think it is?" he insisted.

   To be honest I didn't know. I had a few things going through my head at the moment. All of which were crazy and involve immortal demons and monsters. I had vaguely researched this stuff online last night. None of it made any sense and the fact that Naomi had forced me to watch Twilight the night before only made me more confused.

   "Do you believe in immortal creatures?" I ask.

   "That depends, do you?"

   I raise my eyebrow, "I don't know, maybe," I murmur, "Probably not."

   "That's all I need to know." he whispered and pulled the car the a stop. 

   I looked out the window and realize that we're back in the school parking lot. 

   "What are we-"

   "Just go," he mutters, "please just go."

   I must have taken a wrong turn to loony ville. This guy was not making any sense what so ever and it was starting to piss me off. I knew one thing for sure; Vampires, werewolves, witches, shape-shifters, fairies, ect. are not real...right?  


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