3 girls and One direction

Today is the day. Aria, Lily and Samantha, 16, are leaving their home town to go to London, for their favorite group’s show. They are so excited! They will finally meet those 5 boys. They have been waiting for a year before this day had come. But what they don’t know is that they’ll never forget those 3 days…


16. Part 2 : Lily’s P.O.V

It was doing 2 weeks that we met the boys. We didn’t have told anyone about the after show. It was still our secret. When someone was asking us “how was your trip?” we were getting really excited. But then we were calming ourselves. We didn’t want people to ask themselves some questions. This night we were doing a party at Aria’s house. Well, a party… there’ll be only us 3. Aria, Sam and I. I’m excited. We’ll watch our pictures and videos for the first time all together. Before I went to Aria’s place, I bought some big bags of candies. When we arrived, Sam was already there. She looked a little bit sad. “Hey, you ok?” I asked her. “yes, I’m fine’ why?”  “Huh, nothing” I knew there was something wrong with her. We watched our videos and pictures while aria’s parents were there. They went down to tell us they were leaving to the restaurant with some friends and that we’ll be alone for a long time. We looked at each other. Once we heard the locker of the door, we went upstairs to watch them leave. When they were really gone, we started speaking about the backstage visit after the show. Sam wasn’t speaking a lot. “Okay now you’ll tell me what you have” I said. “Yes, what is happening with you babe?” Aria asked. “Nothing” Sam answered. I looked at Aria. “We won’t leave you until you tell us what is wrong” I said. “Okay, okay… Harry didn’t text me since the show” she said. She was about to cry. “Oh, Aria said. Well, maybe he just didn’t have the time?” “Huh, I think about something else” Sam said. “What do you think?” I asked. “What if I wasn’t the first one? What if he does this to every show? What if I’m just another stupid fan that taught there was really something between us? Maybe he gave to every of them a false number and never called back? What if…” A teardrop fell on her cheek. “What if he didn’t love me” she whispered. She was now crying. “Oh, babe, stop thinking that! I said. I’m sure he’s not like this” I hugged her. “Yeah, I’m sure he just didn’t have the time… I can verify this” Aria said. “What? Sam said. Well, I didn’t tell you but… Niall gave me all the cellphone numbers of the boys” she said. “Hey, you can try to call Harry!” I said to Sam. “But I already have his number!” “Well, why you didn’t call him?” “Cause I don’t want to! If he was really interested, he would call me first, no? Maybe he doesn’t even remember me” “okay, now, I want you to stop it. Stop saying this. I’ll text Niall” Aria said.

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