3 girls and One direction

Today is the day. Aria, Lily and Samantha, 16, are leaving their home town to go to London, for their favorite group’s show. They are so excited! They will finally meet those 5 boys. They have been waiting for a year before this day had come. But what they don’t know is that they’ll never forget those 3 days…


18. Niall’s P.O.V

I went to Liam’s room. “Liam, do you have a minute?” I asked. “For you, anytime, bro. What’s going on?” I entered and closed the door. “She texted me today” he was the only one to know about the numbers.

“- They’ll come tomorrow

- Great! Will they come backstage?

- Yes. Sam was crying when she texted me

- Oh, because of Harry. I told him not to wait but he didn’t care

- Don’t tell him, huh?

- I know

- But it’s not for this that I came here

- What about?

- I… I think I’ll kiss her tomorrow

- Really? You think you’re ready for this?

- I bet. I really feel something for her, and I think she feel the same

- are you sure about that? Because I don’t want you to be heartbroken

- Yes, almost sure

- Well, I wish for you that she do. Now, time to sleep. Goodnight

- goodnight” I went back to my room. I thought about her until I felt asleep.

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