3 girls and One direction

Today is the day. Aria, Lily and Samantha, 16, are leaving their home town to go to London, for their favorite group’s show. They are so excited! They will finally meet those 5 boys. They have been waiting for a year before this day had come. But what they don’t know is that they’ll never forget those 3 days…


10. Lily’s P.O.V

Those two hours were the best of my life. At the end of the show, we waited a little bit for the crowd to leave and then we went out. We realized that we were really hungry, but almost everything around was closed. We went in the back of the arena. We were so excited!! We would see them again. That was the best feeling I’ve ever had. We saw Paul, showed him our pass and he let us get in. we knocked on their dressing room’s door. Liam opened it. “Hey girls!! How are you? So, did you like the show?” “That was amazing” I said. As we got in the room Zayn came around, and I froze. He was standing here, in front of me, without any shirt. I think I stopped breathing. Those abs, oh my gosh! He was so sexy. “Haha I think Lily can’t get her eyes off Za…” Sam said. “Oh god” she whispered. Harry was standing in front of her, shirtless too. We were both unable to speak, so Niall saved us. “Hey, am I the only one that’s hungry?” he asked. “No!” we yelled together. We finally had recovered our voices. “We didn’t eat since 11 this morning” I said. “Well, let me call some pizza, Niall said. Will you come with me? He asked to Aria. “Of course” she answered. They called the biggest pizza and we ate it all. There was nothing left after we finished. I think the girls and I ate the biggest part. Liam didn’t eat because he wasn’t hungry. After eating, we separated ourselves. Louis and Harry went to Harry’s room with Sam, Niall went to his room with Aria and Zayn took me to his room. Liam had a date with Danielle so he leaved and a few minutes later, Louis did the same cause he got a date with Eleanor. Zayn and I spoke of lots of things. We were like best friends since ever. We took some picks and we laughed a lot because we were really doing stupid things. Sometimes, while I was looking at the pictures, I felt his look on me. I didn’t really care. It was just magic.

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