3 girls and One direction

Today is the day. Aria, Lily and Samantha, 16, are leaving their home town to go to London, for their favorite group’s show. They are so excited! They will finally meet those 5 boys. They have been waiting for a year before this day had come. But what they don’t know is that they’ll never forget those 3 days…


4. Lily’s P.O.V

I was really happy I didn’t cried because I knew what they think about those girls who fangirl in front of them. But now, I really couldn’t believe that I was in Harry’s car with Louis, Niall, Sam and Aria. It was incredible. “We’re there” Louis said. I was excited to meet the too other boys, Liam and Zayn, because Zayn is my favorite member. I looked at the girls. We all looked at each other with a little twinkle in our eyes. We had never taught it would be like this! We got out of the car and ran inside the hotel. When we finally reached the room, we had met like 7 fans that all asked who we were. The boys said we were friends of their sisters. Harry once said that Sam was the sister of Niall’s brother’s girlfriend. The girls were like “omg what the hell is he talking about!” when we entered in we were laughing, so Liam came and said “who’s there? I don’t know those cute laughs!” “Those girls are fans that we met on the street” Louis said. “Yes, but then an army of hysteric girls came and we were scared for them so we took them with us” Niall explained. “Okay and can we know your names?” Zayn asked. I think I was shaking. My idol was standing in front of me, asking my name? I was probably dreaming. “Hey, are you cold? He asked. Cause I can bring you a vest or something” “hum, no thanks, I’m okay. My name is Lily” “I’m Sam” “And I’m Aria. I think she just can’t believe she’s in front of you” “can you shut up please?” I said. We all laughed and then we sat in their living room. Their suite was as beautiful as ours. Zayn was sitting beside of me. I was so happy.

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