3 girls and One direction

Today is the day. Aria, Lily and Samantha, 16, are leaving their home town to go to London, for their favorite group’s show. They are so excited! They will finally meet those 5 boys. They have been waiting for a year before this day had come. But what they don’t know is that they’ll never forget those 3 days…


20. Aria’s P.O.V

We talked about a lot of things while we were waiting for the gate to open. Sam was really depressed. We made her smile by saying a lot of stupid things. An hour before the gates were supposed to open, we told her that everything would be okay. She recovered her smile and she leaved it on her face until the beginning of the show. When the boys got on the stage, I was scared for them not to see us. We putted up our posters and screamed really loud. While singing I wish, Niall looked up and saw us. He waved for us to know that he known we were there. After they sang the song, Zayn was speaking with Louis and Liam on stage, we saw Niall telling something in Harry’s ear. Harry looked up and then waved to us with a smile. All the girls around us screamed and waved too. We did the same so they wouldn’t suspect anything. Then the 3 others finished speaking. Harry went in front of the stage. “I would like to dedicate this song to a girl that I know she’s right here right now. I did something really stupid to her and I’m not so proud of it. I’m so sorry. I wish you’ll excuse me girl” we looked at Sam. “I wonder who he is talking about” a girl next to me said. I smiled and I saw that Lily smiled too.



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