The Vampire Diaries New Book

its like the show Vampire Diaries but i made my own up its about 4 Vampire's Damon Elena Stefan and Catrin but Elena dosent know about Catrin Being a Vampire she think she's still Human


2. Met a Stranger




Hello I’m Catrin Nice to meet you Hi Catrin i’m Damon

Hello Catrin says  Elena would you like to come in ok Hello Jer says

Catrin Hello Catrin hows things not bad i say  oh Catrin Says Elena

Meet  Stefan my Boyfriend Nice to meet you Stefan i say nice to

Meet you 2 Catrin Elena’s Told Me Everything about you

Damon is so Hot i say to Elena Say away from him he not

a good person  Why is u he not a good person are you keeping

something form me No Elena Said Stay Away From Him well i

don’t have to do what you say. Damon Yes Catrin Do you want to

go out on a Date Damon Says Yes ok Stefan What Are we going to do

i don’t know Damon Got Asked Out he Didnt ask her What if he truns her

i’ll be at the Restront  they go to i know what one i herd them talking

Damon Dont Think about Messing up with Me and Catrin

Well Brother i’ll Have to do u Love Elena that much to Hurt her Best Friend

I wont hurt her Stefan its only a Date im not that Dangrus not any more

Im over Elena if u Rouin it i will Tell her that Elena is A Vampire don’t you dere

It will hurt her bad u still Love her Damon go and Get her  i’ll Brake up with Elena

No Brother Dont give it a Brake im Starting to Like Catrin don’t Trun her  i wont trun her stef

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