The Vampire Diaries New Book

its like the show Vampire Diaries but i made my own up its about 4 Vampire's Damon Elena Stefan and Catrin but Elena dosent know about Catrin Being a Vampire she think she's still Human


3. 3. First Kiss


Im so Nervers Elena he so Adroable

Catrin  what i said yesterday About Damon

Hes not Dangros i just need to Shere this with my best

A Friend i Kissed him 3 times oh did you well we havnt got to

That part yet so im not mad at you thanks for telling me

You know Damon Still Loves me but don’t worry im with Stefan

Now aww your so cute Together i Say what shall i were

You can have my black Dress that i wore for Our Last Prom

Thank you Elena No Problem Damon is here Hiya Damon i say

Hello Catrin you look very nice tonight thank you Damon Shall we

Go then yeah lets go Bye Elena Bye Catrin says Elena i should of

Not let her go i have talked to Him Dont Worry


Elena’s Pov

I know somthing bad is going to happen i know it

She will fall for him too much and i know how much

She loves Vampire Movies she watched them all the time 

With me and i she always wanted to be one but if she find’s

About me it will hurt her bad plzz Damon i Cross my Hart

That Damon wont Turn her its hurting me bad


Damon Pov

Catrin looked really nice i really love her

Catrin is lost in her own world i always get

Lost in  her Eyes  I love her so much


Catrin’s Pov

I Love Damon so much he’s the most

Handsome man iv eva met hes a Gentleman

I get lost in his eye


Catrin YES Damon i Say

I Love you he says

I  love you to

Are u a Vampire Damon

Yes he says

I show him my Teeth

Omg Catrin shh don’t  tell Elena

I Truned a week ago  lets go home

I know lets grab a bite

Very funny catrin

But im hungry

Ok Lets go  Catrin grabs a bite outoff a big juicy neck and Stefan see’s how she rips in to peices 


Stefan calls Elena He Truned her


NO Im on my way Damon u asshole


What Elena stop it i know you are all Vampire’s


I was a vampire when i came he didn’t trun me Klaus did

Im a Hybrid WHAT!! Klaus is a sweetart he died i start Crying

Where Becka i need to speek to her i Rised her when her mom died

And i rised Klaus untill i knew what he wanted form me so i say TURN ME

And he did i used a Dopleganger’s Blood omg Elena you are the Doplegannger

Yes i am where  is Katheirne  im her best Mate 2 you know we met in New York

Late 20s i knew i knew you form somewhere Stefan says hello Stefan nice to see u again

We Dated after he Turned he told me that he Loved Katheine then i  found out that she was alive i ran the world with her and we had some good times



Then  damon grabs me and Kisses 

I love you Damon Salvaotore  i would live with you foreva

I love u to Catrin


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