The Vampire Diaries New Book

its like the show Vampire Diaries but i made my own up its about 4 Vampire's Damon Elena Stefan and Catrin but Elena dosent know about Catrin Being a Vampire she think she's still Human


1. Dear Diary




Oh my god i just got an A on my French test today moms so Happy and Dad is Takeing me out to my  favourite  restaurant and he’s Taking me to  Mystic Falls i have allways wanted to go there  my mom says be careful Darling iv hared some bad thing what happen in Mystic Falls i’ts ok i’ll be fine i Kiss my Mom Good Bye and we are off to Mystic  Falls well my dad is dropping  me off there then i’m staying and Elena’s and Jer’s House Elena is such a Sweetheart she’s my Best Friend Dad Kisses me on the cheek as i walk to Elena’s Door then Some  Stranger  Open’s The Door . 

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