Never thought this would happen

Lacelina (lace-lee-na) is a 17 year old girl. Her little sister Kristy is in love with the boy band One Direction. One day when Kristy begs her sister Lacy to drive her to the One Direction concert since she has front row seats and VIP tickets. Lacy absoultley hates them. But when she meets 2 boys from the band, what happens when you love both of them? And can't decide which one to choose?Get ready for the unencpected turn. :D (I know this might be bad this is my first fan-fic story/Movella!).


9. Things are back to normal

Lacy's POV

It's been 8 months since the whole 'incident' happened. Now your probably wondering what happened with Me, Liam & Louis. Well I'm actually dating Liam. Me and Liam have been dating for 4 months, Cause after the whole 'incident' I dated Louis for awhile but I liked Liam more. I love him to death, Liam's a great guy. Louis still likes me though I think. He doesn't show it that much around Liam, but me and Louis alone he shows it. Louis' not like Harry, he doesn't want me to have fun with one night then go, Louis seems like he would kill anyone who killed me. I like that about Louis alot. Liam is very sweet, I had to break-up with Louis though cause it didn't feel right with him. Everytime I'm with Liam I feel so protected and beautiful, I'm not insecure around him. When a beautiful girl comes up to him and ask for an autograph or picture, I don't feel insecure I just feel so lucky to be with him, I'm not dating him for his money or because he's famous, I love him as a person, His personality, Looks, Everything about him. Last week me and Liam went out in public for the first time together. (Not counting our very first date at the resturant) Paprazzi was all over us. They asked for my name, and if i was dating Liam. Liam just said my name is Lacy and nothing else after that. Also during the past 8 months, I moved out of my mom's place into my own apartment next to the boys' place. It's a really nice apartment, everyone is friendly too. Mostly elderly's live there, and there are about 3 middle-aged 40-45 year olds there. I'm the only 17 year old. I've also bonded with someone from the band alot. Niall. He's really kind to me. Not like he has a crush on me or anything but like a brother. I like Niall alot, he's adorable! But dating him would just be weird, especially the way our bond works. We eat together alot, when i say eat together i mean fight over the last food on the plate. See!, we're just like brother and sister. Haha. My thoughts were interruptted when Niall walked into the room and sat  by me with a bowl of chips. "Hello!" I said holding out the 'O' a little. "Hey." He said shoving a chip in his mouth. I took one from the bowl quickly and shoved one in my mouth. "AYE! MY CHIPS LACY." Niall said guarding the bowl. "Niall, I seriously don't think you ever heard of the word sharing." I said rolling my eyes and laughing. "Not when it comes to food Lace, not when it comes to food." He said laughing. All of the boys called me Lace like a shoelace but without the shoe part. But Liam called me Lacy or sometimes just to tease me he called me Lacelina. Suddenly Liam walked in and sat next to me. So now, too boys on each side of me. Woo hoo. Yea sarcasm see what i did there? "Hi!" I said and smiled at Liam. "Hey babe." Liam said putting his arm around me and kissing my cheek. "Don't make me loose my appetite now." Niall mumbled and shoved another chip into his mouth. Silly Nialler. Liam laughed. "So... what you guys wanna do tonight?" I asked. Niall shrugged and continued eating his chips. Liam shrugged also. That's when i had an idea. "Maybe would could have a party!" I exclaimed "Yeah! But not tonight, it would have to be this friday. Since we have vocal testing today at the recording studio." Liam said. "Okay! I'll plan the party. We can set up Friday afternoon and the party can be at 7:00!" I said starting to get excited. "So, you cool with that Niall?" Liam asked. "Is there gonna be food there?" Niall asked. It seemed like he actually serious about this and wasn't joking around. "Yes, as much as you want." I replied patting his head. He smiled. "Okay then yes, im totally fine with it!" Niall said shoving the last chip inside of his mouth.  "Let's tell the rest of the boys!" Liam said. I nodded and we both got up with Niall following behind us. We went downstairs and explained to the boys about the party. "It can be a pool party. Or a indoor party!" I exclaimed. "Pool Party." They all said in agreement. I nodded. "And also, we're not inviting people just incase some siko path fan sneeks in." Zayn said. We all agreed. We didn't want chaos at this party, and it would be nicer just the six of us. We planned out the party, all of us. By the time we we're finished the boys had to go to the recording studio. So i was left alone. I was so excited for this party! It was Wednesday, so we had 2 more days until the party! I sat on the couch and watched T.V. Until the boys came back. It was 4:00pm now. The boys would be back around 10:00. At 8:30 i got up and cooked myself a turkey and grilled cheese sandwich. I finished eating around 9:00. At 9:30 i went upstairs and took a shower. After I was done I got dressed into my pajama's and went inside the bedroom. I heard the door open and heard the boys laughing. I was sitting on mine and Liam's bed under the covers laying my head on the pillow with the lamp on. Liam walked into our room while the other four boys were laughing while going into their rooms. "Hi Babe" Liam said smiling. "Hey" I said and smiled back. "Have fun at the recording studio?" I asked. "Yea it was fun, when we got out of the car to walk back inside the house Louis tripped and fell into Harry and they both fell on the ground laughing." Liam replied. "Oh, no wonder why you guys were laughing." I said turning onto my back. He looked into the dresser and got out his night clothes. It really didn't matter if he changed in front of me or not. Cause he was boy. He took of his shirt and only changed out of his pants into his batman pajama pants. He left his shirt off for some reason. He walked over to the bed and got in. He looked at me smiling alot, lately then he usually does. Wait he wasn't just smiling he was doing the Hazza Smile. Oh god. He was turned on I could tell. I finally spoke up. "So, Did you rub off of Hazza tonight or something? I asked looking at him raising one eyebrow. "Well all the boys were talking about when me and you were going to 'have fun' and i told them it would be soon and they kept teasing me. So i just thought why not?" Liam said pulling me closer to him. I shrugged. "I guess so." I said. We have been dating for 4 months now! Liam smiled and started kissing me passioneletly. He smiled in between the kiss. He then slipped his tongue into mine. I smiled even more. He slipped his hand down to my bun then he moved on top of me. He pulled away from the kiss and started kissing down my neck and hit my weak spot. He then made his way back up to my lips and smiled once again against my lips. Now, i'm not gonna give anymore details. But it was fun. There was a party in 2 more days and i had the best boyfriend ever. I love my life.

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