Never thought this would happen

Lacelina (lace-lee-na) is a 17 year old girl. Her little sister Kristy is in love with the boy band One Direction. One day when Kristy begs her sister Lacy to drive her to the One Direction concert since she has front row seats and VIP tickets. Lacy absoultley hates them. But when she meets 2 boys from the band, what happens when you love both of them? And can't decide which one to choose?Get ready for the unencpected turn. :D (I know this might be bad this is my first fan-fic story/Movella!).


14. The father is... (Short chapter)

Liam's POV

I woke up and remembered me and the boys had to be at the hospital in an hour. I couldn't believe I was going to be a father. I was so excited. At first i was shocked but then i reliazed this was going to be fun. Having a little child running around. When it first comes bursting into life I would hold my child in my arms. I would never let anything happen to it. NEVER. I was so excited. I got up and woke up the other boys we all got dressed and headed to the Hospital.

Lacy's POV

I woke up to the sound of the boys walking into my room. I smiled. "Hi." I said. "Hello." They all said in unison. The nurse brought me in breakfast and told me after I was done just press the left button on my left side of the bed and she would come and tell me the results. I ate Bacon, yogurt, eggs, and drank milk. After I was finished, I did as I was told and the nurse came back in quickly. She first took my tray that my food used to be on and put it away in the sink. She came back in about 5 minutes later with a clipboard. "Hello Lacy!" The nurse said smiling. "Hello." I said calmy and eager to know the answer. "So, we took your sample of blood and ran it through our DNA scanning system. It turns out that the father is," She paused just like the doctor did. "The Father is Niall Horan."

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