Never thought this would happen

Lacelina (lace-lee-na) is a 17 year old girl. Her little sister Kristy is in love with the boy band One Direction. One day when Kristy begs her sister Lacy to drive her to the One Direction concert since she has front row seats and VIP tickets. Lacy absoultley hates them. But when she meets 2 boys from the band, what happens when you love both of them? And can't decide which one to choose?Get ready for the unencpected turn. :D (I know this might be bad this is my first fan-fic story/Movella!).


1. So.... it's a date? (SHORT CHAPTER)

I woke up finding myself in Liam's arms. He was still asleep. He looked so peaceful. I smiled. I moved a little and Liam opened his eyes. "Good morning babe." He said and smiled and kissed the top of my head. I smiled. We were the only ones in the living room. I got up and grabbed my satchel. "I'd better be going." I said as i walked towards the door. "Why so soon? Your not a bother to us!" Liam said looking a little disapointed. "Oh it's fine i have to get back home to my sister anyways." I said. "Well, maybe tonight just me and you could go to a resturaunt?" Liam asked nervously. "Sure! Text me the details!" I said calmy and smiled. "Bye!" I said and walked out of the house. I got into my car and drove back to my place. I decided to call Moxy and tell her about Liam. I dialed her number as i walked into my house and up to my room. She answered on the 5th ring. 'Hello?' Moxy said sounding sleepy. 'Hey Moxy! Guess what! im going on a date tonight!' 'Really? With who? Is he cute? How old is he?' 'He's from the band One Direction or whatever i got his number at the concert when i took Kristy and he's 18 i think his names Liam Payne!' 'NO WAY! YOU GOT A DATE WITH LIAM PAYNE?!?!' Moxy screamed into the phone. 'Yes! Don't tell everyone please, if you love me to death you would do that for me! I MEAN IT DONT TELL ANYONE. I MEAN NOT EVEN FUCKING JAKE.' 'AWW! Why not Jake?'  'Cause, he will tell everyone but i got to go! Love you Mox!' And with that i hung up. God i hope she doesn't fucking tell anyone. I dont want the press around me i hate them. They can't leave people alone without getting the details outta them. Damn, douches. I looked down at my phone. It was only 3:00pm. I decided to text Liam. I was about to text him when he texted me. 'Hey babe! I'll be picking you up at 7:00! Be ready and look good for me okay? ;) Haha, well where we are going is a surprise! See you later babe! xx' I smiled and texted back. 'Hey Li! Got your text, dont worry i'll be lookin good enough on our date ha. I'll be ready at 7:00 sharp! So don't need to wait on me! :) Kay? See you later! Byeee!!!!' I sat on the couch and watched T.V. and waited for time to pass by. I could not wait to go on my date with Liam Payne from One Direction.

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