Never thought this would happen

Lacelina (lace-lee-na) is a 17 year old girl. Her little sister Kristy is in love with the boy band One Direction. One day when Kristy begs her sister Lacy to drive her to the One Direction concert since she has front row seats and VIP tickets. Lacy absoultley hates them. But when she meets 2 boys from the band, what happens when you love both of them? And can't decide which one to choose?Get ready for the unencpected turn. :D (I know this might be bad this is my first fan-fic story/Movella!).


5. No, this can't be happening! To late, it is. (Short Chapter!)

Louis' POV

"Lacy, I think I'm in love with you." Oh no, i just said that didn't I?!!? NO! I CANT BELIEVE I JUST OH DAMN! FUCK ME! FUCK FUCK FUCK! NO!!!!! SHES GONNA TELL LIAM! NOO! I JUST MADE THIS EVEN WORSE! UGH! She looked at me. "W-wow, i never knew you..." She trailed off. She was choked. She didn't know what to say! I understand her completely too! I just made things worse. All i could do was stare into her brown eyes. And say nothing

Lacy's POV

He just said he loved me? I can't tell Liam! How do you think he's gonna react? Oh god! Fuck, he just made things worse! What am I supposed to say? ARRRGGHHH!!!!! Im just in shock! SAY SOMETHING LACY! Damn, now look your having a fight with yourself. Shit, just say something BREAK THE GOD DAMN SILENCE! "W-wow, i never knew you..." I trailed off. REALLY!!??! Damn, all i could do was look into his blue-turquoise eyes. Suddenly i felt a pair a lips against mine. They released. "Oh, god im s-sorry!" Louis ran out of the hallways and downstairs i saw a couple of tears on his face. Damn! This can't be happening! But, sadly it fucking is! Damn, now theres gonna be fucking chaos in this house and the worst thing is.... I'm the one who's in it. I walked back into the room were Liam was sitting on the bed. Thank god he didn't see. But the thing he did see was my facial expression. "What's wrong babe?" Liam asked and stood up he came up face to face with me. I couldn't lie, i had to tell him. "Liam, please don't get mad i SWARE i didn't mean to do this! Either did he!" "W-what are you talking about babe?" He asked looking concerned. "I-I kissed Louis."

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