Never thought this would happen

Lacelina (lace-lee-na) is a 17 year old girl. Her little sister Kristy is in love with the boy band One Direction. One day when Kristy begs her sister Lacy to drive her to the One Direction concert since she has front row seats and VIP tickets. Lacy absoultley hates them. But when she meets 2 boys from the band, what happens when you love both of them? And can't decide which one to choose?Get ready for the unencpected turn. :D (I know this might be bad this is my first fan-fic story/Movella!).


8. Find me! (very short chapter)

Liam's POV

The boys looked at me shocked but Louis looked hurt the most. "Guys we need to go NOW." I said to them. They all nodded. We ran to the car in the pouring rain Louis drove i sat in the passengers seat and the rest of the lads sat in the back. We drove up up a mile and saw a house that looked abanded. We were gonna check every house. We kicked opened the door and saw a stair case we all went down the steps. Then i saw Lacy.... alone. I ran up to her. "Lacy! What happened?" I asked holding her in my arms. I looked down to see a huge cut on her arm. "Lacy what happened to you?" I asked very concerned. "Alexander he cut -" She stopped.  Her face looked up in fear. "Liam, go." She said in demand. "Liam, GO!"  She said standing up. I looked behind me and saw a boy with a knife in his hand. Lacy ran for the staircase. "Don't ever touch lacy again." I stated pulling the knife out of his hand. "GIVE THAT BACK!" He shouted at me. Lacy was already up stairs. "Oh you mean this knife?" I said and threw it in the trash can. He ran towards it put i punched him in the gut making him fall to the floor holding his stomach in pain. I then had to let out my anger. I punched him again in the jaw. And kept beating him to his death. But Louis came down and pulled me away. "STOP LIAM! DONT KILL THE BOY!" Louis shouted pulling me away. We called the police and they took him away fileing him for Kidnap and Abuse. I saw Lacy sitting in the car with Niall waiting for us. I walked into the car and sat by her and hugged her. "Its over now, he's gone." I whispered in her ear and rubbed her back. Finally things were back to normal.

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