Never thought this would happen

Lacelina (lace-lee-na) is a 17 year old girl. Her little sister Kristy is in love with the boy band One Direction. One day when Kristy begs her sister Lacy to drive her to the One Direction concert since she has front row seats and VIP tickets. Lacy absoultley hates them. But when she meets 2 boys from the band, what happens when you love both of them? And can't decide which one to choose?Get ready for the unencpected turn. :D (I know this might be bad this is my first fan-fic story/Movella!).


13. Confused....?

Lacy's POV

"Pregnant." The doctor finally finished. I felt more come back up and I puked in the trash can. I couldn't take this. "I'm Pregnant?" I asked shocked. "Y-yes, your having morning sickness....." The Doctor replied. Liam looked shocked his face looked blank, Harry's was blank, Niall's was blank, Louis' was blank and Zayn's was blank. "O-okay thank you..." I said getting up the boys followed and we left. I called the PC (Pregnancy Center) to make an appointment while we were in the car. My appointment was in 2 hours. "So, I'm the f-father?" Liam said shocked. "Yea.... but let's test just to make sure." I said. "Why test? I mean i'm the only guy you've been with." Liam replied his face finally had color back into it. "It doesn't hurt to try." I said. "Well, the pregnancy center is about 2 hours away so just drive straight there Louis." I said to him. Louis didnt say a word either did Niall. Zayn and Harry just fell asleep. "Are you alright Louis?" I asked concerned. "Yea I'm fine..." Louis said with a angry tone. I could hear it. Niall was sitting by me while Liam and Louis were in the front. I leaned over and whispered in Niall's ear. "You do know why i wanna see who the baby's father is right?" I whispered as quietly as i could so no one except for him could hear me. Niall nodded.

*1 Hour Later*

Finally we were at the pregnancy center. We all walked in. Crap now i look like i have to see if my baby was the father of one of these five boys. All of these lady's gave me strange looks like 'Damn, she got banged for sure.' Yea well if only i could mind read cause if they were thinking that i would of said something right there and then. And trust me it wouldn't have been pretty. I walked to the front desk with Liam and told them i made a appointment. The lady nodded and told me to come back with her. All the boys followed me and we walked into a dark room. I sat on the bed and she got out this goo that went on my stomach she rubbed it on there and turned on this screen. Liam held my hand. The lady adjusted the screen and pointed at this small little white dot as a big as a quarter."That's your baby." She said smiling. "I'll give you a minute." She said and walked out of the room. "That's our baby..." Liam whispered for all of us to hear. He kissed my hand. "Yup it sure is." I said smiling. Niall smiled too. Louis didn't do a thing which made me depressed. I really wanted louis to be more supportive even though he wasn't the father. I also forgot to add that before she put that goo on my stomach she took my blood and then did that whole thing. She was going to check to see who the father of the baby was. I was really nervous what if it wasn't Liam? I mean, it's obvious that it will be but what if somehow it was Louis'? I knew it wasn't Harry's, or Zayn's. About 3 long hours..... (which we all slept through the whole time) I heard the door open. "Lacy, we haven't got the results of the baby's father yet. But if you'd like since its all ready 8:00pm you could sleep here. The nurse said calmy. I nodded and told her i would sleep here. "I'll stay with you." Liam said smiling. "No, it's fine you go home." I said and held his hand up against my lips. I kissed it softly and let it go. Liam nodded and walked out the door with the other boys. I sat in the room and watched T.V. and finally decided to get some sleep. I got a text right before i closed my eyes. 'Nite babe <3' Liam texted me I smiled and closed my eyes and rested. I just wanted to know who the father of the baby was.

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