Lingering Reminder


1. Lingering Reminder

I pack my previous life in a bag, leaving all memories helplessly crying in the dust.

Gingerly opening the wooden pane, through it I sneak.

Silently closing the window, I seal up all my sorrow.

Making my way down the ladder wrapped in ivy, each step being a mile.

To the ground I reach, adjusting my pack lying upon my back.

Through the lower window I stare,contemplating my excursion. 

There is no plan, just to aimlessly run. 

Run from reality.

Goodbye I whisper to my lone mother resting on the second floor, knowing she can't hear my voice. 

It's better that way. 

Following no plan, I stop dwelling. 

I swivel around and pick up pace, scampering into moonlit nature. 

Nothing but my bag strapped upon my shoulders and a smile slapped across my face, a smile for strength. 

A smile for my mother.

Nothing but canned vegetables and a shattered picture frame, a picture of a destroyed life.

Nothing but tears, tears of joy.

Joy to escape the lingering reminder. 

The reminder of her death.

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