Letters to the Front line

Story through letters between a mother and children to there father and husband during the second world war with london in great distress and the front lines treacherous living conditions. With relatively modern writing I hope you enjoy this historical tale about a Man and a Boy at war.


3. I Need Help


Come home, now! Deliberately shoot yourself in the hand or something like that because you need to come home, mum is going mental, she can't cope. Lucy, Jess and Alby keep asking about you, they need to know the truth. They are to young to understand what a war is like but i'm not, i know that the trenches are disgusting and that thousands of people are dying everyday out there. Mum is just waiting, waiting for the telegram, she has stopped writing to you because she is scared of what you might tell her. It's two weeks till christmas and they still think your coming home, I understand that you had to do this not because your a 'man' or anything but because they brought in conscription. 

We need hope, is there anything, anything you can tell us about this war that isn't in the papers. I have a job working in a factory out in wales where the evacuates have put us, but I am nearly 18. I can't leave Mum and the littlens at home alone you need to be here for them. 

Dad I love you and hope you are home before I go.

Alby says hello as he is sitting next to me trying to read everything I write.

Don't win the war before I get there . Joke

Love Your eldest


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