Letters to the Front line

Story through letters between a mother and children to there father and husband during the second world war with london in great distress and the front lines treacherous living conditions. With relatively modern writing I hope you enjoy this historical tale about a Man and a Boy at war.


5. Front Line


I am writing to you because I got my conscription letter, you never came home this month, you promised. Well as you know I am 18 now and am needed to fight for king and country. I am not scared anymore, I passed the theory exam I am going to be a RAF pilot. I leave for training in 2 weeks, Albert thinks its amazing because has gone into a craze of planes and the RAF but Jess isn't quite as pleased. Mums scared, we haven't heard from you in so long, I keep telling her that the post is rubbish and that its hard for you to send them but she just argues and argues. 

I have sent you my RAF photo because mum said i should, I will be safe, I promise you. I wrote to Uncle Joe and he is coming down to live with mum and the siblings. 

I went to London, I got the money. 

Happy Christmas and Good Luck

Flight Lieutenant Aaron Jackson

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