Letters to the Front line

Story through letters between a mother and children to there father and husband during the second world war with london in great distress and the front lines treacherous living conditions. With relatively modern writing I hope you enjoy this historical tale about a Man and a Boy at war.


4. Don't be Scared

Dear Aaron,

I miss you so much, I know you are seventeen now and be thinking about your 18th as a death wish. Don't! it doesn't have to be, I can't come home, not for Christmas I am sorry but I can't. I have been promoted to Sergeant so I am not in so much danger, but I will be on leave in January hopefully so we can talk properly then. But you need to do something for me, as you know this war is unpredictable, I am still in a lot of danger but my safety is nothing compared to yours, i need you to be a man, be the man of the house whilst I am gone. Albert will need you more than ever now he starts asking questions, I know this is a lot of pressure to put on a boy but you are a man. 

If you wish I shall tell you everything about this war, but I will leave that to the day I come home. I know you are scared, its ok to be, I don't know when this war will end but it must, whether we win or they do. Then I can come home, Germany arn't doing that well. 

But, I am sorry to say this but if this is the last letter I send then you need to go to London. Go to our house, I need you to get something. Its for you and to keep all the finances in order. Go into my bedroom, under the bed there is a loose floor board open it and there will be your answer.

Don't be scared, I will be with you soon.

Dad x

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