Letters to the Front line

Story through letters between a mother and children to there father and husband during the second world war with london in great distress and the front lines treacherous living conditions. With relatively modern writing I hope you enjoy this historical tale about a Man and a Boy at war.


2. Day of the trenches


I can't put my thoughts into words as I try to say goodbye, I have to do this, I am an able bodied man and this is my duty to our King. I do not wish you to hate me but I will be back before Christmas, I know I will. Then we can return to our little farm and be together for as long as we are alive. You are my one true love and no german bullets can stop me from coming back to you. I can be your hero, the strong man you always wanted and the father to our children. I will have so many stories when I come home, you fed up of them but I will laugh. 

Take care of the children, I know its a lot of work now your on your own but I am sure they will be good. Give my love to everyone and see you at Christmas.

Tell them they can write when ever they want and I will always reply.

I promise I will come back




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