I cant love you more than this- louis tomlinson

India is bet friends with one direction but she is secretly in love wih her closest friend Louis she doesn't think he's interested!
Louis is in love with his best friend India, but his girlfriend eleanor is madlybin love with him, how can he break up with her without spilling that he loves someone else?


1. First chapter( wont upload often, wont get time!)

Chapter 1
Louis' POV

"Eleanor, i'm so sorry but i don't want to be with you anymore, i think we should break up!" i said, tears formed in her eyes, what am i supposed to do, i can't carry on seeing her, when i'm in love with my beat friend india!
"Is there someone else?" she sobbed i nodded i couldn't lie to her, she cried harder,
"There's someone out there for you El but it's not me..." she smiled slightly.
"Louis i know who it is, i'm not going to tell anyone, but you need to tell India soon, she's you best friend, you can't keep hiding in the dark about your feelings for her for too long, you'll chase her off!" woah wasn't expecting that!, 
"El she doesn't like me in that way!" i sighed, oh how i wish she did!
"wrong answer!" she said kissing my cheek, and walking out' did my love actually love me?
India's POV
So Louis is in love with someone, so this is what it feels like to be heart broken?, 
"India?, how much did you here?" louis looked worried, why should he, i'm just his best friend he'll never have feelings for!
"just that you love someone!, who is it, tell me please!" i teased he laughed at me, patting my head, 
"no" i grinned "i will find out lou you know i will!" he grinned nodding!,
"you find out everything, he grabbed my hand, smirking, i just melted inside, Louis Tomlinson you are perfect
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