That Worthless Diary

Look, it's just a stupid diary, nothing more. My mom just decided to give it to me to torture me, well so far it's working. I'm telling it things I don't usually talk about outside of it. It's pathetic really, I just want to get rid of it, but why can't I? That my dear diary, is because if I get rid of you by throwing you in the trash or something, say some wierd person finds our trash interesting and see's you lying there all hopeless. Them being them reads it, finds it humoress or what not and shows it to friends. Then said friend shows another friend then a chain of reaction which leads back to everybody knowing about my personal life. That my dear diary is why I should have never wrote in you in the first place. It's just a stupid diary, that I can't get rid of. I should have just stayed in my room.


2. 9/17/12


Dear moi,

                So, you are probably wondering why I’m writing in you, aren’t you? Will you see since my mom has taken this huge thing into me writing in you she is now sitting in my chair watching me write. Gosh, I feel like she is peering into my soul… anyway, something so dramatic happened to me at school I don’t even know what to do. It all started when Brianna decided to be an even bigger dog to me.

                (What happened earlier that day)

                “Come here slut!” Brianna growled at me while shoving me against a locker. Scoffing I put my hands against her shoulders and shoved her away from me.

                “Get your filthy slutty hands off of me you whore.” I glared at her. I was about to walk away when I felt my head snap to the side. Gasping I touched my cheek. Did… did she just slap me. Oh hell no! Raising my hand I slapped her back with more force, and shoved her away from me.

                “You did not just do that bitch.” Her cold blue eyes stared into my deep brown ones.

                “Oh but I did, now touch me again and I promise I will personally give you a rearranged face with my fist!” I shot back while growling low I my throat.

                “You think I’m scared of you? News flash Hun, I’m popular and you’re not! I can make your life a living hell here!” She screeched, while throwing her arms in the air to make her point proven. I gulped; it was true she was more popular, richer, and prettier. I would never admit that to anyone, but it was the truth.

                “Whatever just leave me the hell alone.” I mumbled pushing past her and looking down at my worn out converse that squeaked against the waxed floor.

                “Oh so the dog is just going to walk away?” She challenged I tightened my knuckles and bit down on my lip slightly. Ignore her she is just getting into your head. I convinced myself. Nodding I continued to walk to class until I felt some liquid drip down my hair-


Wait, why should I tell you? Why am I even writing about you in the first place about what happened? This is so stupid. Ugh, whatever my mom is saying I can stop writing whenever I want know, so I’ll take that chance to stop writing. I hope you catch on fire!

                                                                                                                                With much love,

                                                                                                                                Jess XX



So how do y’all think of it? Please comment and fan and like and fav. and all that goody good stuff! Leave in the comments what do you think happened to jess? Why do you think Brianna hate her so much? Also I’m giving my schedule for when I update, I update on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. And if I have time sometimes in between! Thanks loves ! xx Also I'm trying to make it look like a real diary, so sorry if the chapters are shot I'm just trying to make it more realistic! Okay anyway catch you later dears !

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