zayns sisters

its about a brother and sister who live with their mum and their dad dies when they are both 8 years old. and their mum has been dating a guy behind their backs.


2. the news that never got out


I walked down stairs as soon as I woke up. I thought it wuld be a great idea just to get up and walk...but no. That was the worst decision of my life. As soon as I heard my mum say 'Hey babe. I miss you' I ran up to my room and slammed the door. Zayn came rushing in "What happend?" he asked as he sat me down in his lap. "Mum is replacing dad" I answered. He then hugged me tighter. "I know. I miss dad to" he said comforting me. "She cant hide it for long" I said.



I heard Shel running up the stairs. This cant be good. Then I heard the door slam. Definatly not good. I ran to her room and barged in. I saw her crying on the floor. "What happend?" I asked and pulled her into my lap. "Mum's replacing dad" she sobbed. I hugged her tighter. What is wrong with that woman?! I mean we all loved dad. "I know I miss dad too." I said comforting her. "She cant hide it for long" she said. And cried in my chest. She looked up at me "Why did mum hide it from us?" she asked as I wipped her tears "I dont know. I dont know." I replied.



"Shel! Zayn! Pleaseeee come down here! I have really good news!" I shouted up the stairs, and they came down immediantly. "Whats the good news that makes you look like Niall when he sees food?" Zayn asked. I ignored his comment "Wellll...I have been dating this guy named Brody...and he proposed to me last night. Needless to say im getting married!" I said excitedly. "How could you just replace dad so fast?!" Shel blurted out. "GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" I shouted. Zayn and Shel scurried out of the living room and into their rooms.



I cant believe I just shouted that out to her. "GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" she yelled back. Me and Zayn scurried up to my room. I went in first then he followed, closing and locking the door. "Why did you just yell at her?" he asked "I yelled because my emotions just took over. Oh...and I kinda read her journal too." I replied "And she said that she doesnt know why she married such a really nice man even though she is really mean" I continued "Oh-m-g-osh! I wonder why she married him." Zayn replied. I just shrugged.



I followed Shel into hr room. I closed and locked the door. I asked her why she yelled at mum like that...and she replied "in mums journal...she asked 'why did I marry such a nice guy'". She started crying "I miss dad. I miss dad. I miss dad" was all she said. I pulled her into my arms "I miss dad too." I replied. I have an idea! "Hey Shel, do you want to move out with me?" I asked her.



I was listening to their conversation. I cant believe she read my journal! That lil carrot-eating-brat will pay. Then she told Zayn. What else did that brat tell him?! That it was her TOTM (Time Of The Month)? And Zayn asked her if she wanted to move out with him?!

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