zayns sisters

its about a brother and sister who live with their mum and their dad dies when they are both 8 years old. and their mum has been dating a guy behind their backs.


4. Could this be really happening

Shel's pov- I think I might be falling for Harry but I know that Zayn cant trust him but he should care on if it makes me happy or not. Zayn will not ever see it from my poit of view. I woke up and started to break down crying again then Harry came up too me and asked me " whats wrong love?" I replied " zayn never knows when I or some one loves some body". He then said " truth is I dont like you one bit" I was about to say some thing then he said " I love you more than cats and any thing else in the world." All I said " really I love you to". We broke the conversation with a kiss I heard some one coming all I did was pull away. Zayn asked "harry what were you doing with my sister?" he replied "talking and kissing." He was about to punch Harry but all i did was scream i saw liam and louis running also pulling Zayn and harry apart. I ran too my room and slammed the door. I just couldnt belive that my own brother would never belive me or harry. Zayn came running in to my room and said " what was really going on between you and Harry?" I replied " he told me that he loved me also why were you about to punch harry"? He replied " Im just too protective over you." "At least let me be me then or i will take away your mirrior's". i told him.

Harry's pov- I cant belive she walked out of the room and started to cry. But to me she is more important to me than any thing else in the whole wide world. I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I told her my feelings about her and she feels the same. After Zayn came out of the room I was scared I just cant belive that shel saved me from her own brother. Shel was too upset that I didnt even bother her. So Zayn decides to go check on her and she says criticle stuff to her own brother. I am really suprised & wowed.

Louis's pov- I was asleep on the floor in shels and Zayns room. All I heard was Shel screaming so I and liam went running and Zayn was about to punch Harry. We both pulled Zayn off of Harry. Shel ran to her and Zayns room and she bursted out crying. Harry didnt bother her at all which he was just really mad at Zayn. Shel also thinks that Zayn doesnt want her happy any more. She must have been really mad she was screaming at her brother.

Liams pov- All I heard was Shel was screaming for me and Louis. We went running and found Harry and Zayn punching each other. Shel was too upset too talk too any one while Zayn was talking I heard Shel screaming at Zayn.

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