zayns sisters

its about a brother and sister who live with their mum and their dad dies when they are both 8 years old. and their mum has been dating a guy behind their backs.


3. answering zaynnnnnnn


"Why did you ask me if I wanted to move out with you?" I asked "Your 18 right?" he asked "Yaaaaaa..." I said confused still. "Then you can do what you want right?" he asked "Ya I guess so." I replied still confused but caught on to what he was talking about. "Ya I guess I want to move out." I said. "Great! We can move in together. I cant stand to live with out you." he replied. "Now all we have to do is find a place." I said. "Orrrrr....we can move in with the guys..." he said. "But I havent even met them yet." I replied. "Ya you have." he replied. "When?" I asked "When you passed out. Thats where I took you. Liam was the one who figured out how to wake you up." he replied. "And Harry was drooling over you." I continued. I blushed and laughed. "Ya...we can move in together with them." I replied.



Shel said YES! Im litterly jumping on spoons in my head im so happy. My thoughts were interrupted by mum yelling up the stairs "Zayn Shel! Please come down here." she yelled. I looked at Shel and we both looked shocked. We walked really slowly downstairs. "This is soon to be husband." mum said gesturing to the guy. "I told him that Shel was taking it really hard." she continued.



"Why is she taking it hard?" I asked "She misses her dad and mum is replacing him with you." Zayn replied. "Whether she likes it or not,im marrying your mum." I replied. From the looks of it Zayn and Shel were very close. I mean very close.



Does whats-his-face even see me? I mean he is talking right in front of me with Zayn. Zayn looked at me and saw I was close to breaking down. My hands folded across my chest and everything. He hugged me and took me up to my room. I couldnt handle this. I broke down once again. Zayn closed and locked the door. He sat down next to me and pulled me into his lap. He was always comforting. I hope we can move out like soon. Maybe even tonight after Brody leaves and mum is asleep. Zayn took his phone out and texted Liam. My eyes were to blurry to see what he was typing. Then I fell asleep. I felt Zayn carry me to my bed and kiss my forhead. Then I heard my dresser drawers open and shuffling around. Then he left. Whats going on?



I walked down into the kitchen and heard mum crying. I feel so bad. I walked over to her and hugged her. "I will always love you mum." I said. "But your moving out with Shel. I feel so lonley." she said. "Im sorry mum. We honestly cant handle this anymore. But we will visit you. I promise." I whispered to her. She released the hug and smacked me. Like seriously. "Go up to your room NOW!" she shouted at me. I did as told, but I didnt do completely as told. I walked into my room and grabbed my phone. I got a text from Liam. 'Whenever your ready.' it read. I was so ready. I grabbed my suit case and went into Shels room. She was still sleeping. I shook her awake "What?" she asked in a sleepy voice. "Nevermind. But put his on." I said and gave her a jacket. "Ok" she said and put it on. She went back to sleep. I texted Liam.

'Hey were ready. Please come here and go to her window.'

'Ok. Be there in 5 with the other guys.'

'Thanks. Oh she is sleeping by the way.'

'Ok...were here now.'

'Ok. I will toss the suit cases down.'


I went to the window and saw the guys. I smiled and opened the window. I threw the suit cases down and they caught them. I picked Shel up and jumped out the window with her. I landed and she woke up. "Where am I?" she asked "Nice that you join us. You are outside and were going to the house." Harry replied smiling at her. "Uggggh! Im freezing and im tried." she replied and snuggled up to me. Then fell asleep in my chest. "GET BACK UP HERE!" I heard mum yell from the window. "Run" I whispered and gave Shel to Niall. I can trust Niall, Liam, and Lou. Just not Harry. With my luck he might end up falling even more for her. They did as was told and I followed them. I called the police and reported mum for the abuse. They said that they would come and take her away. We arrived at the house and Shel was sound asleep along with Niall. I took Shel and we went up to the guest room. Their was only one room left and so me and Shel shared. We are brother and sister. I took the floor and she got the bed. I woke up to Shel screaming. I jumped up and found that she was panicing. I ran over to her and pulled her into my lap. Then the guys came running in. Harry looked worried. "Where am I?" she asked "We moved in with the guys" I whispered. "Ok. Im alive and so are you. I must have had a nightmare." she said and fell asleep in my arms. The guys all insisted that they stay and sleep in the same room to protect her. These guys are truely amazing. I mean amaZAYN.  

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