Ever since the Twin Towers attack in 2001, Abi has been having horrific visions about her family getting blown up. One day, her most terrifying and gory vision comes true, but when she tells the police she knew it was going to happen, Abi's life gets turned upside down.......


1. The vision

Yesterday, the first day of Spring, it happened again. Probably my hundredth vision of the year, but this one was by far the worst.

I was out walking, when I saw my parents, siblings and cousins across the street. I waved to them and began to cross the street, but then I saw it. A huge bomb, the size of a football, fell, out of the sky and just dropped on top of them. They were still smiling as they died. When I ran to the rubble only my mothers body was there. She was still smiling, blood flowing out of her mouth, running all down her  face and body. Her long blonde hair was all torn off her scalp and lay around her head, sticky and stained red from the blood. Then a noise approached my ears. I looked up and another bomb was about to kill me...........

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