Getting A Taste Of Your Life

This is the sequel to "Sun, Sand & One Direction."
I would recommend reading "Sun, Sand & One Direction" first however, you dont have to. Basically, this is where Lucy goes on tour with the boys and experiences things she never thought she would experience.
Is it all happy on tour, or are problems arising? Read on to find out! ;)



8. What? (Lucy's POV)

"Y...You're Dad." My Mum began. Tears swelled in my eyes. Oh my god, he's died, I thought.

"You're Dad and I decided, it's for the best if we... di...divorce." she said and her voice trailed off into a whisper.

"W...What?" I stuttered, tears flowing down my face. I felt Harry's comforting, safe arms around me and sobbed into his shoulder. "Why?" I managed to speak.

"We just... aren't in love anymore." My Mum sighed.

"But..." I looked at Harry. "Babe, why are you crying?" I asked him.

"Because, I know how you feel and it makes me cry when I see you upset and in tears." He spoke softly.

"Mum, I cant leave you here like this. I'm gonna have to stay with you." I said, dissapointed.

"NO!" My Mum refused.

"Mum, who's gonna look after you?" I quizzed.

"Your Nanna has been here every day, im fine. Please, dont let this ruin your tour. Please. We can sort it. Promise." she forced a smile. I rose to my feet and so did Harry.

"Are you sure Mum?" I asked as she stood up.

"Yes, Im sure." she sighed, again.

"Where is... Dad?" I asked.

"He's living at his friends house, down the road." She, once again, sighed.

"Ok..." I mumbled. Harry and I followed my Mum out of the house, to the front door.

"Take care, Mum." I sighed and hugged her tightly.

"I will do sweetie." She smiled. Just then, My Nanna appeared.

"I'll see you soon then Mum." I breathed and walked back to the car. I sat down in the seat and wept. I felt Harry stroking my knee, I felt him playing with my hair. We drove away. I watched my Mum's figure fade as we turned the corner.

I was still crying and Harry decided to sing to me. His voice, like a lullaby, calmed me. I fell into a deep sleep. I had a nightmare.

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