Getting A Taste Of Your Life

This is the sequel to "Sun, Sand & One Direction."
I would recommend reading "Sun, Sand & One Direction" first however, you dont have to. Basically, this is where Lucy goes on tour with the boys and experiences things she never thought she would experience.
Is it all happy on tour, or are problems arising? Read on to find out! ;)



1. Today's The Day (Lucy's POV)

Finally, today's the day I am going on tour with One Direction. I am so excited! I have everything packed. I've just said goodbye to my parents and i'm on my way to the studio.

After a short 10minute drive, I reach the studio. Suprisingly, there were no fans around so I parked up and headed for the door.

The door was unlocked, like Liam said it would be, so I opened the door and put my luggage down. I had 2 huge suitcases and I had packed my entire wardrobe. Harry said it would be best to pack more than less, so thats indeed what I did.

I sat on a chair and waited for 5 minutes and then I heard a car arrive. It was the boys. They all piled out of the car and ran at me. I was greeted with a huge hug by all of them.

We then got in the huge tour car and were on our way.

This was it, I was going on tour. Leaving home for 6 and a half months. Leaving my parents. I was still going to see them, obviously, when I was near them but not much. Here I was, supporting my boyfriend, Harry Styles, on tour. I nearly screamed with excitement.

"Hey babe. You excited?" Harry asked me.

"I'm too excited I think. I cant control my excitement. Where are we going first?" I asked.

"We're going doing a show in London first. Thats in two days time but we're going so early because we have lots of rehearsals and stuff." Harry answered.

On the journey there, we had lots of laughs and banter. It didnt take too long, about 30minutes. So I wasnt bored at all.

"So do you have rehearsals today then?" I asked Louis.

"No, not today but all day tomorrow we do. Today we just unpack and chill. Go down to the pool and stuff." replied Louis.

"We're here!" Harry shouted, making me jump. I must admit, I am nervous, incredibly nervous. What if the fans dont like me? "Shut up Lucy! Dont worry!" I spoke over in my head. 



Ok, so this is chapter 1. What do you think? Leave a comment, favourite, like. I hope you enjoy this movella. I wont be able to update too regularly but I'll try.

If you want, check out my other movellas and give me feedback on them! :) Thanks :D

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