Getting A Taste Of Your Life

This is the sequel to "Sun, Sand & One Direction."
I would recommend reading "Sun, Sand & One Direction" first however, you dont have to. Basically, this is where Lucy goes on tour with the boys and experiences things she never thought she would experience.
Is it all happy on tour, or are problems arising? Read on to find out! ;)



4. Lunch Break (Lucy's POV)

It's finally 1pm. Not that I was bored, coz I really wasnt. I loved watching the boys perform, they have so much energy on stage. I was just hungry.

"Can we go eat nowww?" Niall moaned. I laughed because my stomach began to growl. I flushed red becuase Paul saw me, and heard me. :L

"Yes. 1 hour and you gotta be back though!" Paul instructed.

"Yes Paul." the boys chorused. We ran out of the arena.

"How were we?" Louis asked me.

"Absolutely wonderful. Like angels." I laughed.

"Oh good." Louis joined in laughing.

"Sooo, where do you want to eat then Lu?"

"I really dont mind... Where do you usually go?" I asked.

"Ummm... McDonalds or StarBucks really." Harry replied.

"McDonalds it is then!" I laughed.

We all ran to McDonalds, Harry and I raced each other. Obviously, I won.

"Haha I win!" I giggled.

"I let you win!" Harry laughed.

"Whatever..." I laughed and Harry did a pouting face.

"Oh does Harry want a kissy to make him happy." I joked.

"Mmmh-hmmm... YES!" Harry cried. I leant in and planted a kiss right on his lips.

*snap. click. flash*

"What was that?" Liam asked.

"Cr**! It was papparazzi! Quick get into mcdonalds quick!" Harry cursed. We ran through the doors of mcdonalds and hurried to a table. We quickly ordered our food and sat down.

"Lucy... please, ignore anything that some fans say, coz you will get some disturbing messages now that paparrazzi have seen us." Harry began.

"Harry, its fine. I'm a big girl now. I know and I understand that is part of being inlove with a popstar. I love you Harry and your fans will not, and can not, split us up." I sighed and kissed his cheek. He smiled at me.

"Good. I love you Lu." he responded.

We finished eating our food and headed for the door.

"Oh my God! It's One Direction!" one girl from behind the door screamed. Suddenly, every single girl around us turned their heads and ran towards us.

"Hey guys!" Liam said and began to sign autographs.

"Harry! Harry! Over here!" One girl shouted and Harry walked over to her, holding my hand tightly. I squeezed his hand and signalled that I was scared and nervous. He held his hand behind my back and I instantly felt safe. "Harry, who's this girl!?" she asked and glared at me.

"Shes..." he began and looked at me. I nodded my head as I knew what he meant. He wanted my permission to tell them all about our relationship.

"Shes... My girlfriend... Lucy." Harry began. I smiled a bit and then all the girls ran over over to Harry and I.

"SHES your girlfriend!?" one fan asked, as though she didn't approve.

"Yes. She is! And if any of you hate on her, I really wont be happy. You need to try and accept us, please." Harry spoke.

"Um... Harry." I heard a really, quiet voice murmer. I turned around and saw a 6 or 7 year old girl tugging at Harry's trouser leg.

"Yes love." Harry asked.

"P... please may I have an autograph and maybe a picture of me, you and Lucy." she stuttered. Bless her. She was so cute.

"Sure you can." Harry laughed. He signed her crumpled piece of paper and handed it back to her. He lifted her up and hugged her inbetween me and him for a photo.

"Smile!" her Mum laughed as she took the photo. Harry placed the little girl down and the girl said,

"My name is Poppy. I think you and Lucy are great together. Please stay together forever." she giggled a bit.

"Nice to meet you Poppy. I'm sure Lucy and I will stay together forever." Harry laughed.

"Come on Pop. Your dad is waiting for us." Poppy's mother called.

"Coming mummy." Poppy called.

"Bye sweetie." I spoke as she began to walk away.

"Bye Poppy. Lovely to meet you." Harry laughed.

*Beep beep beep.* Liam's phone rang.

"Where are you? You have ten minutes to get back here." Paul called through the phone.

"Ok, sorry Paul..." Liam answered and hung up.

"Sorry guys. We gotta go!" Liam shouted and we all began to run back to the arena.

5 minutes later we arrived back at the arena.


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