Getting A Taste Of Your Life

This is the sequel to "Sun, Sand & One Direction."
I would recommend reading "Sun, Sand & One Direction" first however, you dont have to. Basically, this is where Lucy goes on tour with the boys and experiences things she never thought she would experience.
Is it all happy on tour, or are problems arising? Read on to find out! ;)



11. Hello Everyone (Harry'sPOV)

We were 3 quarters of the way through the concert. We had 3 more songs to sing. We had answered some twitter questions, as usual.

"Hello Everyone!" I shouted. I heard lots of deafening, screeching replies. I laughed a little. Louis and the boys looked at me with a puzzled, confused looks on their faces, as we hadnt planned what I was about to do.

" I'd like you to all meet my friend. Best friend... Lucy." I went backstage and brought her onstage. She blushed like crazy. I couldn't help but laugh.

The crowd roared. I heard a few insulting shouts, but about 90% of screams were really sweet, kind things. I love our fanbase! I passed Lucy the microphone and she looked at me, completely panicking as to what to say.

"Hi everyone. It's lovely to be here, there are some amazing fans here." she stuttered, nerves over powering her. The crowd screamed in response. The nasty comments, I could tell did hurt her, a lot, but she tried to ignore them. I felt guilty.

"Anyone got any questions for her?" I spoke down the microphone.

The crowd all screamed and shot their hands up. I picked a small, young girl who was on the front row.

"Yes sweetie?" Lucy asked.

"How long have you and Harry been best friends for?" She asked, quietly, nervously.

"Erm, since the start of the summer holidays. So, quite a while." Lucy replied, smiling. She glanced at me. I smiled. She was perfect.

"Next question... Yes, you." I said, pointing to a tall, brown haired girl. She was about 15.

"So... are you two, like, dating?" She asked Lucy. I knew someone would ask, thats why I did this today. She looked at me, worried. I nodded my head in approval, allowing her to tell the fans. She took a deep breathe and spoke,

"Yes, Harry and I are... dating." She breathed. The fans gasped, some 'Awwwed.' Lucy looked at me, relief in her eyes.

I spoke in before anything could be said bad about her, "Please though guys, dont go hating on her. Please, accept her." I said.

"KISS KISS KISS KISS!" The crowd chanted. I looked at Lucy and we both laughed.

"May as well..." I smiled. She moved closer towards me and I held my hands around her waist. We kissed, slowly. The crowd fell silent.

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