Getting A Taste Of Your Life

This is the sequel to "Sun, Sand & One Direction."
I would recommend reading "Sun, Sand & One Direction" first however, you dont have to. Basically, this is where Lucy goes on tour with the boys and experiences things she never thought she would experience.
Is it all happy on tour, or are problems arising? Read on to find out! ;)



5. Back At The Hotel (Harry's POV)

We arrived back at the arena. We ran through the concert non-stop for 4 hours. We ran through it 3 times! It was tiring, I admit.


It was finally 5pm. We could go back to the hotel now. I was looking forward to spending the night with Lucy.

We drove back to the hotel, exchanging banter on the way and singing through our songs.

I held Lucy by the hand and lead her into the hotel. We dashed for the elevator and waited, impatiently. After arriving on floor 5, we ran to our room.

"Boys, im really tired. We'll order room service tonight." I yawned.

"Harry, you really weren't listening in the car were you? We said, that is what we will all do because we are all too tired." Louis laughed.

"Whoops." I smiled and opened our hotel room door. I pulled Lucy by the hand and dragged her over to the sofa.

"What do you wanna do then babe?" I asked her.

"Whatever you want me to do." She replied, flirting.

"Ok... Lucy, you are under arrest for being too sexy infront of me." I smiled and got on top of her and held her hands down behind her head, so she couldn't push me away. She laughed. I kept on top of her and held her hands still behind her, I kissed at her lips. Hard.

"Bedroom?" I asked, happy.

"Mmmm" she mumbled.

"I'll take that as a yes." I grinned and carried her to the bedroom.

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