Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


26. Wedding Talk?

Mine's POV

Me and Zayn were walking downstairs when we heard a loud scream! It sounded like Cristina scream. Zayn and I ran full speed down the stairs. Cristina was crying and Niall was smiling. "What did you do to her?" I heard Zayn ask Niall while I went to Cristina. Cristina was speechless and showed me her hand. OMG there was a diamond ring on her finger that wasn't there when we was in the car. This only meant one thing. Niall then said, "I proposed her and ask her if she wants to be in my life forever and ever!" I turned around and hugged Niall then hugged Cristina. "Congratulation you two!" I said happy for them. "Congrats Niall and Cristina!" Zayn said while hugging them. They both smile and Niall wiped away Cristina happy tears and kiss her. "Aww!!" Me and Zayn said at the same time. We laughed and Niall and Cristina pulled apart. "So when is the wedding?" I asked Cristina. "Oh we don't know yet maybe after the tour because, they don't have any free brakes and we are on tour with them so maybe when the tour end." I smiled and hugged Cristina again. "You two are so perfect together. I hope me and Zayn get that close like you two later in the future." Cristina and I laughed and then we went to the kitchen to get pizza. Wow the boys are stuffing their faces. Me and Cristina tried to not laugh but, we spilled it out and we laughed like crazy that tears was forming. Cristina then went to the box of pizza took two slice and put one each on a plate. "Hey, do you want to talk wedding talk in my room?" Cristina said to me after giving me the pizza. "Yeah sure, thank you." We took our slice of pizza upstairs to her room and I sat down on the floor eating it while Cristina sat oh her bed. "Why aren't you sitting on the bed?" Cristina asked me. "Oh I just don't want to mess up the bed and get it dirty. Anyways you and Niall have to sleep on it and you don't want to sleep on it with crumbs. Also, I don't want Nialler complaining that he was sleeping on pizza crumb last night to me and you so no I won't sit on the bed. But, Thank you for the offer anyways." I said. "Thats Ok come sit here with me. I don't mind really. I could clean it up afterwards." I gave in and then I went and sat next to her. 

Cristina: "So I know the weddings a year in a half away but, lets start now."                                       Kaitlyn: "Ok but, are you going to have an engagement party?" I asked                                              Cristina: "Oh yeah! Yes ok so where should we have it? Maybe at an 5 stars hotel?"                         Kaitlyn: "Yeah that will be cool! And maybe we can have a theme of green and purple because that's your and Niall's favorite color? Or maybe the theme of black and white? Maybe or No themes at all."  Cristina: "Um yeah! We maybe should do black and white because, in movies it look cool and very delicate. What do you think Kaitlyn? We might look good and black and white dresses."                   Kaitlyn: "Yeah that will be perfect. Ok tomorrow we will have to confirm it with Niall. I hope he likes the idea so far." 

Cristina and I ate the last bite of our slice of pizza and then Cristina said, "Yeah we will ask him tomorrow. It's late at night we should be getting ready to go off to bed. I nodded in Agreement and we took out plastic dirty plates and threw it out in the garbage. "Again a big congrats to you and your future husband." I said winking to Cristina. "Yeah, again Thank you so much for helping me plan for it and the other stuff." Cristina said while me and her walk out of the bedroom into the bathroom which we share because, it has 2 sinks so we can both brush our teeth the same time without fighting each other. Me and Cristina finished at the same time and I said to her "Goodnight don't let the Nialler bite." We laughed and she said to me "Goodnight Kaitlyn. Thanks for everything again." Winking to me. I walked to my bedroom and she walked into her and Niall's.

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