Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


28. Waking Up the Boys for Breakfast

Mine's POV

I cooked like a mini buffet. I cooked scrambled eggs, bacon  pancakes, sausages  hash browns, and have other things like yougert, bagels, cereal, carrots for Louis and others thing. Niall was the first one down followed by Cristina. I decided to wake the others so they can eat before Niall eat up everything. I ran up to Liam's room 1st because, I know he will be the easiest to wake up. "Liam wake up! I made you breakfast!" I scream and them in less than 2 seconds he's up. "Thank you little sis." Liam said and he hugged me. I ran to Harry's room and screamed, "Get up curly!! I made you breakfast." He didn't do anything so I scream "Wake up and eat breakfast or else I'm gonna straighten you curls!" Within seconds he woke up. "Ok Ok! I am up but, don't touch my curls!" I laugh then I ran to Louis and Eleanor room they share like Niall and Cristina. "Hey! Lovebirds come on wake up there is breakfast downstairs!" Eleanor woke up but Louis didn't so I tried, "Louis get up there are carrots downstairs for you!!" Then he woke up. I laughed and though hey I'm getting good at this game. Next, it's Zayn. He's the sleeper. I went into his room. Aww he looks so cute when he's sleeping. But, I got to wake him up. "Zayn, babe wake up! I made you breakfast." I said to him. He didn't answer. "Zayn! Wake up I made you breakfast!" I said much louder this time. No answers. Ok I did what Niall did to Cristina. I went to Zayn closed my eyes and crashed my lips onto his. This time he actually open his eyes. "Hi babe, why did you do that for?" "Oh I just want to wake you up so you can eat the breakfast I made you." I said. "Why didn't you call me up?" Zayn asked. "I did Zayn but, you wouldn't wake up!" I said. "Wait you didn't like the wake up kiss?" I asked him curiously. "No I did but, I though you would call me up like what the boys would do." Zayn said. "Oh well I'm not like the boys I'm your girlfriend and thats something different." I said smiling. "Well I like the way my girlfriend wake me up than the way my mates wake me up." Zayn said winking at me. I felt my cheeks getting hot and soon as you know it I was blushing. "So come on Mr.Malik lets go eat before the boys eat all of the Delicious food I made for you." I said. "Wait before I go eat your delicious food I have to do this to my girlfriend." Before I knew it his lips were crashed onto mine and we kissed. It felt like spark. I never wanted it to end but, we had to pull apart and go downstairs. When we were going downstairs I heard Niall saying, "Now look who had decided to come down and join us." Everyone laugh making me and Zayn blush. Now this is going to be a great breakfast. (Sarcasm)  

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