Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


32. The Secrets Come Out Now

Zayn's POV

Since I got dress already and Kaitlyn also did too we were ready to go out. We both went downstairs where the rest is and I told them that me and her was going to go out. I then felt hands on my arms and so I turned around. "Hey Liam! Whats up?" I said to Liam while looking at Kaitlyn. "Oh just please watch out for Kaitlyn since she is partly famous people know her and she might get hate like last night. Please watch out for my little sister. She is my whole life." Liam said looking worry. "I will Liam don't worry. I will keep my eyes on her every seconds." I said to him. "Thank you Zayn. Her life is depending on you since I can't be with her 24/7 only you can." Liam said winking to me. I nodded and smile and Kaitlyn grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. She then turned to me and ask, "Zayn? What was Liam saying to you?" "You know he just said to protect you and he was just trying to keep you safe." I replied to her. "Oh ok..." Kaitlyn replied and looked upset or something I have to find out. Kaitlyn spoke, "Thank You Zayn! For being there last night for me. For standing up for me. I couldn't do it without you Zayn! I love you and will always do." With that she kissed me and it wasn't a kiss or a regular kiss it was a kiss a kiss with sparks and passion. We let go and she smiled a little but, it wasn't a big smile. Was it something I did wrong? Maybe not because, she thanks me before. I don't know I have to really find out. Now I'm desperate to find out what happen. I started the car engine but, didn't drive yet. Ok now I just couldn't handle it anymore I had to really find out so I ask Kaitlyn the question I was desperately wanting to ask her since this morning. "Kaitlyn? Your not being yourself today is there something wrong. If so please tell me I'm always here for you." I said to her while staring at her. She looks sad and depressed and guilty. "Well it's just ever since I dated you it's that I been getting so much hates and I know Zayn that you told me they don't matter but, I don't know why are they hating on what did I do wrong to get hated. So today this morning when I went to the bathroom you probably notice that I took my purse into the bathroom with me even though usually I don't ever take it in the bathroom. Well in my purse I had a pocket knife and I used it to cut myself. I put on make up so it didn't seem like anything but, you probably notice because, you are asking this question. Also, when you told me we were going out and I smiled it was a fake smile because, it hurts so much and I was trying to hold the pain in. So yeah that's my problem and please don't tell Liam because, he will kill me. Finally that is why I told you thank you and stuff like that before." Kaitlyn said, I could see the tears forming inside of her eyes. And it's falling down onto her cheeks. I wiped them away and I just stood there speechless. "Kaitlyn! Why didn't you tell me anything. I'm such a bad boyfriend. Where is your cuts!!??" I said upset and angry at myself for not knowing that Kaitlyn cut herself. Kaitlyn then lifted her sleeves and there I saw her cut. It was the worst thing I ever seen and I hope she wouldn't do that again to herself. "Oh my god! Kaitlyn! Why would you do this. This is a horrible thing you can ever do! If you ever have a problem why don't you come and tell me. I told you I will always be by your side even if anything happen." I said. Kaitlyn looks upset and sorry. "Sorry... It's that I could let it out in front of you and the other people so I did this to let the pain out." Kaitlyn said looking down at her hands which is on her lap. I pulled her chin up so she can face and look at me. We made eyes contact and then I lean in and kissed her. She didn't regret it and she kissed me back. I put my hand around her waist and she put her arms around my neck and was playing with my hair. I smiled and we continue to kiss. We kiss until we had to take a breath and then we broke apart but, I wish that kiss continue and lasted longer. She was now smiling and I smiled too. Now we're up to going out and hopefully there would be any problem for the poor Kaitlyn.

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