Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


11. The Problem

*Author Note *

Hey guys I know you wanna read more but, before I write more i gotta tell you something! Thanks for all your support and I will try to write daliy. So this chapter will be kinda short and I hope you don't mine but, i will write as much as can! Thanks love you guys! P.S if I have a typo sorry about that my keyboard is not working that well so now I'm gonna write more!

Zayn's POV

Yes! Kaitlyn is all mine and only mine! I will never leave her like ever! We are still cuddling until someone called us for pizza. I think it was Liam! Oh shoot Liam he will kill me if he knows me and Kaitlyn are dating! "What if Liam know were dating?" I said aloud to Kaitlyn. She looked up and had a worry look on her face.

Kaitlyn's POV

Zayn told me something about Liam know were dating and now I'm scared he will kill Zayn! I not worry about me but, I am about Zayn! "I don't know Zayn but, I gonna be with you forever!" I told Zayn tearing up a little. Zayn wipe my tears away and said "Don't cry! I have a plan don't worry and you will always be with me!" I looked up at him and then he kissed my cheeks! "I love you and will always do!" "Me too Zayn!" I said. He went down and carried me down too! I love this boy so much! Now it's PIZZA TIME! Me and Zayn ran into the house and then sat down.


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