Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


13. The News and Heart Broken

Kaitlyn's POV

I went outside to find Zayn and he was on the phone. Tears was running down his face. I ran to him and wiped it away. He hang up and stared at me. "Don't cry Zayn! Whats wrong?" I asked him feeling like crying too. It hurts me to see that he is crying! He told me everything and I just didn't know what to do! I calm him down and when I went inside a girl came up to him and asked him for an autograph  I didn't mine so I went inside.

Zayn's POV

Kaitlyn went inside and the girl jumped on me and kissed me. I tried to pull her off by man she is so strong. "Please can you get off!" I screamed but, she wouldn't listen. Soon as I know it Kaitlyn came out and was in tears! " How could you Zayn! I always have loved you!" She then ran away crying! I just felt broken now Liam will really kill me! I got 2 big problem now my great aunt past away and Kaitlyn will never love me again!

 Kaitlyn's POV

I saw Zayn kissing a girl! How could he! I just ran and left I didn't care about anything I just wanted my life back before liam was in One Direction! I ran and I stoped and sat a bench and cried! I felt my heart just exploded! I remembered I had some cash left over in my pocket so I called a cab and headed home!

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