Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


17. The Club

Kaitlyn's POV

Liam then park the car and we went to the club! Wow there was so much girls there screaming! The boys stopped and talk, take pictures, and sign things for the girl and we went in the club. Wow they didn't check me because, there was a big commotion outside about a girl fainting because Niall kissed her hand. Haha! Dani, Cristina, El, and me went to a booth. We sat there talking about the boy and about me and Zayn. "So lets plan a random party for them for all their hard work." Dani said smiling. We all nodded when the boys came to us and ask what we were talking about.  We all gave them a fake smile and started laughing. "OMG! PLEASE TELL US!" They all begged and we just laugh even more. "We were talking about who dance better Liam and Dani and if who gets more vote they win. So far all the girl vote for Dani what about you guys?" I lied. Wow they felt for it! We all laugh finding out Dani beat Liam by 7 to 0. "My brother can dance but, really not as good as you Dani!" I told her while looking at Liam. "What are we waiting for lets hit the dance floor" Louis Screamed! Wow what a child. Everyone ran to the dance floor and I just sat there watching them dancing to a slow song. Wow at least none of them is drinking! They were all kissing when Zayn came up to me and sat next to me. He kissed me and while he was kissing me he pull me closer and closer to him. Man I never wanted to let go of him but, Liam called us and we came over to him! "What Liam!" I yelled annoyed.  "One question?" He said "Yeah what?" I asked him. "Would you go on tour with us and live with us at our new flat?" He asked. OMG are you really kidding me! "Yeah it's cool! I could so yes!" I said with no hesitation. Yay I'm gonna live with my boyfriend and brother! Thats the coolest thing that can ever happen to me! Zayn grabbed me and kissed me! I can't love him any more  I love this boy! Not cause he is in 1D! I love him being him! We headed out to the car and waited there for the others and girl ran up to Zayn saying "I love you!" and stuff like that but, I was fine with that. I love Zayn and I know he love me too! Liam and the other came out all cuddling each other and went into the car. We headed home in our own direction and Zayn came over to my house Yay! Movie Night then!

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