Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


23. Out With Zayn, Niall, & Cristina and No food

*Sorry to stop you guys from now on I'm gonna use Kaitlyn's P.O.V to Mine P.O.V. I don't think it make any sense to say my name when it's mine p.o.v. (you see what I mean.) Thanks! -Kaitlyn*

Mine P.O.V

Zayn grabbed my hand and whisper into my ear while we were walking to the door. "You look pretty!" I smiled and I could feel the heat building up on my cheeks. "You too but, you look handsome not pretty." I said and then I saw him smiling. He then stopped and look at me and then, turn around. What is he thinking? Then Niall and Cristina came down all dressed up. "Hey.What's going on I ask Zayn." He smile this cute stupid smile of his then spoke. "What do you think babe? We're having a double date!" I laugh and then Cristina came up to me. "So where are we going?" She ask. "I don't even know." I said back and I think Zayn and Niall heard because, at the same time they said, "Nandos!" We all laugh and headed out the door. I shouted to Liam who was sitting on the couch. "Bye Liam! See you later!" "Bye! Little sis have fun but, don't have to much fun if you know what I mean!" He said and we both just laugh and I close the door. I ran to Zayn who was waiting for me and then we got into the car. Wow Niall is driving I though he would made Zayn drive but, not today I guess. So Cristina and Niall got front seat and Zayn and I sat in the back. Wow this will be fun and look I'm here with the person I love Cristina and Zayn. I wish Liam can come but, he and Danni broke up thats sad but, he actually took it really well. He cried the first 2 day but, he got over it and now he's all fine I wish I can have some alone time with Liam. Zayn looked at me and said the most romantic thing I ever heard any boy told me. He said, "The first time I ever laid my eyes on you, you made my heart skip a beat. And when you smile you just kill me! I love you forever and always will no matter what happens!" I looked at him and said "I love you too Zayn! I wish we can be together forever and ever!" And when I finish his lip crashed on my lips and when he's with me he make me feel so safe after what I been through. We got at Nandos and thousand of fans we're screaming outside. We got out of the car and tried to get into Nandos. Zayn grabbed me and I took Cristina hand while Niall was in Nandos trying to get a table for us. Then, all of a sudden this fan pulled my hair. "Ow!" I screamed and turn at her. "Whats wrong with you!?" I said in pain. "Zayn belong with me and not you. Your an ugly slut and you just steal other girls boyfriend!" She said. "He was single and I didn't steal anyone boyfriend!" I said upset and pissed off. I think Zayn and Cristina heard because, they pulled me back to Niall and started talking to that girl. "I think Cristina was mad too because, all I heard was " LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE! THERE ARE THOUSAND OF BOYS OUT THERE FOR YOU TO DATE! BUT, ZAYN IS NOT ONE OF THEM!" From there she stomp off to me and took my hand and took me back to the car. I'm never this confuse what is going on!? Is Zayn still with that girl? Are we still gonna eat? Would I have hate like this everywhere? These questions circle my head. What am I going to do!? Cristina was calling Zayn and Niall and I just stand there speachless. Then I finally spoke. "What just happen!?" I asked her She truned around and look at me. "Oh it's those stupid fans that think they can have the boys all to their selves! Are you ok? I tried my best to tell her stop it but, I think shes gonna make more big deal. Sorry Kaitlyn." "Yeah I'm ok but, what about Zayn where is he? Why are you sorry for! You help me I wouldn't be that brave to speak to a fan like that. I didn't want to say anything to her but, she just got me so angry. Thank you!" I said to Cristina then I hugged her. "Oh Zayn is with Niall they are going to be fine. They are coming soon. Oh and that's what best friend do stand up for their other BFF! That's the least I can do." And then she hugged me again. When we pulled away from the hug Zayn and Niall finally came back.

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