Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


8. Getting Ready

Kaitlyn's POV

I got ready and put on a cute dress I got from the mall, a black legging, black flats, a sunglasses, a cute headband! I am ready so I went downstairs to the living room and waited for Liam! "LIAM ARE YOU DONE?" I SCREAM so he could hear me! "YEAH coming!" Liam said. i then turned around and wow he look so handsome! "Where are you going Mr.Handsome?" I asked him curious. "Oh Dani will be there so I have to look good!" "But, you always look good Liam!" I said. I could tell he is blushing so I just smiled at him! "Thank you and you look pretty too! SO are we ready to go?" Liam asked and I nodded! 

This is Kaitlyn's Outfit:

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