Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


21. Getting Ready For Dinner Time *Short Chapter*

Kaitlyn's POV
Cristina help me picked out a perfect outfit and I'm surprised that she didn't get anything for herself. We're on our way home when at perfect timing I turned on the radio and yhe song Live While We're Young was on! Me and Cristina stared at each other and sang the whole song until Cristina pulled up to the driveway of the flat and we got out of the car. Me and Cristina ran to the door and open it. At the same time we scream "We're home!" and we both ran upstairs. Cristina wanted to help me get ready since I only have 2 hours so I let her. We took out the outfit from the shopping bag and rip the price tags and tags out. Then I said, "Cristina you can go downstairs to Niall. I'm gonna take a shower and after I'm done you can come back up." She smiled and ran downstairs to her Niall. I laughed and took my dress and other stuff to the bathroom with me. I Took a quick 15 minutes shower because, if I took longer there wouldn't be enough time left. I them put on my dress, shoes, and then dryed my hair. I bet Cristina heard my hair dryer because, she was outside of the door waiting. I opened it and let her in. She then, gasp in amazed. " Oh My God!! You look so Pretty!" She said. " Thanks you! So how much time fo we have left?" I ask her. She then answer back saying " 1 hour. By the time we finish with your hair then it will be perfect." Dhe smile and I laugh. I lef her do my hair an in an hour my hair came out curly and super nice. I thanked Cristina and she smile and told me " This is what BFF di for each other!" I just gave her a big hug anf thanked her again. " Hey you wanna let me check if Zayn is done?" I heard Cristina said and I just smile and nodded my head. Then there Cristina ran full speed to the other bathroom to see if Zayn was done. While Cristina was cheaking I went to my bedroom and went in cleaning the clothes and other items on the floor. Why is my room so messy? Then Cristina ran in my room saying " Kaitlyn your prince is waiting for you!" She smiled at me and I went out of my room and downstairs. I stop and saw Zayn OMG he so cute and handsome! Now I just can't wait for Dinner!

* Hey guys thanks for reading this movellas and if you find any mistake I'm so sorry! I'm writing on my phone and it's really hard to. Type so sorry about that! If you guys have any questions or anything feel free to comment or write on my blog!! Thank you so much!! Love you guys!!*
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