Little Payne

Kaitlyn Payne is Liam Payne little sitter. She is in America force to live there. Liam plan on taking her back to Britain will it be easy? Maybe or Maybe Not ... Will there be a little romance maybe? To find out please read it!


27. Cristina & Niall Wedding Talk

The Next Day

Mine's POV

The next day I can't wait to tell Niall Cristina's and mine idea for the wedding. I know how much this mean to her and if he doesn't like it then it would break her. Forget about breaking her if he break her he will brake me more. I never had a sister because, my mom had Liam and me so Cristina is like my older sister and seeing her happy makes me happy. Now no one was up yet because, it was only 8:00 in the morning so I went to Niall's and Cristina room and tried to wake Cristina up but, instead of Cristina waking up Niall woke up. "Dude what are you doing?" He ask me. He stared at me like I'm crazy. "Oh trying to wake Cristina up but, instead of her you woke up. Now try helping me wake her up!" I told him. We called her and yelled but, nothing happen so. I had a plan, "Niall go give her the kiss you do that is always passionate!! Come on don't be embarrass you guys always do it in front of me and Zayn." I laugh and then Niall blushed. The kissed Cristina and it was actually worked. "Hey! What was that for Nialler?" Cristina yelled. Oh we couldn't get you to wake up so I kissed you and now it worked!!" Niall high five me and we laughed. "Ok Now I'm up." Cristina said rubbing her eyes. "Remember what we were going to tell your future husband?" I said teasing them. "Oh yeah. Niall since we have a lot going on soon can we have the wedding after the tour? Also, we need to plan our engagement party and me and Kaitlyn think that the theme should be black and white? So what do you think so far babe?" Cristina said to Niall. "OMG! That sound perfect oh and will we be severing food at the engagement party?" Niall ask. Me and Cristina just laughed and nodded our head. "Ok good because, I don't want to be hungry while celebrating." Cristina and I laughed even more this time. Wow thats all Niall care about food? "Ok any of you hungry?" I ask knowing the answer. Cristina and Niall both nodded their heads and then I said" I will be downstairs making breakfast for you two love birds." They nodded and then I left the room letting have privacy.

Cristina's POV

Kaitlyn left to make us breakfast. Aww how sweet was she to do that. I turned to Niall who was now shirtless and I just gasp. Well I saw him shirtless before but, some reason this time it turned me on. "Niall what is wrong with you? Put on a shirt." I said. "Why do I look bad or something?" Niall ask me. "No it's just maybe Kaitlyn might pop in and sees you. But, you don't look bad you look mega good." I said smiling. He blushed and then said, "I love you!! I will always will and will never stop loving you even if I die." I smiled and replied, " I will always love you too Ms. Horan and hope that we'll be together and..." I got cut off by Niall's lip crashing onto mines. I didn't regret it so I kissed back putting my hands around his neck and him having his hands on my waist. This kiss was passionate but, not the passionate as the ones he always give me. This had sparks not just sparks this has extra sparks. We kissed for like 5-10 mins until Kaitlyn called and we had to go get breakfast. I wish that lasted forever but, no we broke apart looked into each others eye and Niall said "Your beautiful and will always be." I smiled and we headed downstairs to eat.

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