Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!


3. Third Time Lucky!

Luke's POV

I manage a quick glance across the classroom towards Mia. She still looks a little disappointed like she had all day. Maybe I should have given her more than just a hug. Was she expecting more from me? So I had screwed up twice by messing up a compliment that was supposed to be about how pretty she looked yesterday, like all days, but ended up about her dress which made me sound slightly weird, then I messed up the goodbye after our ruined date. I can't help but feel guilt about the whole thing. Why shouldn't I? I never thought I would feel so serious about anyone, but I really like her. And I think it could work. All I need to do is make it work this time.

Mia's POV

Did he really mean to say such a short goodbye and leave me hanging there? Or was he just as nervous as I was? But this is Luke we are talking about; he is never shy or nervous. He's an outgoing guy who is crazy and never fails to go out there and try anything. Maybe he has loads of things on his mind. I look over at him and catch him looking at me already. I smile quickly then turn my head back again.

Luke's POV

She just caught me looking at her. That's maybe, hopefully made her think that I am still interested and I havnt suddenly gone into hating her. Now she should let me talk to her. The smile was reassuring too. Okay, I will talk to her at lunch and get things straight.

*15 minutes later*

Its finally lunch time. I grab some lunch and scan around the hall searching for Mia. I catch sight of her by herself and realise this is the best time to talk to her.
"Hey Mia," I smile.
"Oh, hello Luke."
"Erm. About yesterday! I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. I havnt suddenly changed my mind, I don't hate you. I just..."
"Look, if you're just trying to spare my feelings, then dont! I get it Luke, you don't like me in that way."
What the hell is she saying? Of course I like her in that way.
"It's not that. I do like you..."
"Just not in that way?"
"Yes Mia! I do like you in that way," I say impatiently.
"oh," she looks down at her lunch.
"Sorry, I just got a bit impatient then. I love you okay! I was just a bit nervous and found it a little awkward as I wasn't sure if you just wanted to be friends?" I made it into more of a question.

Mia's POV

Wow! He actually likes me like that? And I like him in the same way! This could work.
"No of course not. I-I like you in the same way," I smile.
"That's good then."
"Oh just go out already," Emily interrupts our moment by banging her tray down on the table.
I giggle slightly.
"Mia, can I talk to you privately please?" Luke asks.
"Sure" I follow him outside where he takes hold of both my hands.
"About what Emily said... Maybe we Erm..." he begins.
I gaze into his beautiful eyes, mesmerised.
Then suddenly, he leans towards me and I melt as his lips touch mine.
"Does that finish of my sentence?"
I nod and giggle.
He smiles and leans in for another kiss. We walk back in holding hands and all eyes turn to face us; the new and hopefully biggest couple on school. (Well, Luke is pretty popular) I can't wait to see the look on Tammy's face when she finds out we're going out.
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