Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!


5. The Call!

Luke's POV
Okay, so tomorrow is Mia's 16th birthday. That's what I've been keeping from her, a surprise party! Everything is planned. I have invited all her friends and family. The food is all here at my house and the drinks, but they are stored away. Decorations are sorted, music and just everything to make a perfect party. It's Saturday tomorrow so the party will be from three in the afternoon until midnight. She has no idea. We are both sat in my living room right now watching TV. 
"Hang on babe, I just need to make a call," I mutter before wandering out the door.
Mia's POV
He's up to something. I can just tell! First he doesn't spend the weekend with me because he's 'busy' then he goes off to make a 'call'. I want to know what he's up to! I can hear faint whispers from the kitchen, so I tiptoe through to the hallway and listen close.
"Bring the equipment!"
Omg! He's planning a murder attack!
"Be here and set up by three sharp!"
What? If he's setting up here, then who will the victim be? Me? His mum? Oh no, this isn't good! I hurry back into the living room as if I hadn't moved.
"Everything okay?" I ask a little shaky.
"Everything's fine. What's up? You seem a little scared."
"Oh no, I'm fine. I'm just not feeling too well, I'm going to head home now."
I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and quickly run out the door. Wow, who would have thought the boy I've had a crush on for ages is a murderer. What if he's done this before and killed loads of people?
"Mia.. Wait!" I hear his voice.
I carry on walking.
I turn round, giving him a faint smile. I run home, leaving him looking confused on the doorstep.
Luke's POV
Well... That was weird..
She just literally ran out my house. She was acting totally shifty. What is she up to? She said she was Ill but i don't believe that for a second. I decide to call her.
Our conversation.
Mia: what do you want?
Me: to talk to you, look..
Mia: no Luke, I'm not in the mood.
Me: but I want to know why you acted so shifty and ran out my house like that that.
Mia: I told you. I didn't feel very well.
Me: come on babe, I'm not falling for that. You looked more scared than Ill.
Mia: just leave me alone please.
Me: fine! Give you chance to feel better and maybe you will want to talk to me later.
God! What is it with her. Maybe it's hormones. I will never understand girls!

*authors note*
Sorry this is such a short chapter and they all have been short, but from now on I promise to make them a lot longer!
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