Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!


9. Thankyou!

"Pumpkin!" My dad calls.
"DAD!!!!!!!!!" I shout and jump into his arms
"I've missed you so much," we say together then laugh.
"I told you I would be here didn't I!" He hugs me again.
"I'm so happy to see you, did you help organise this!"
"No, I only got told this morning about it by your mum and was happy enough to come down and see you. Luke has done a magnificent job."
"He sure has, I'm just going to go see him now."
I walk over behind Luke and wrap my arms round his waist.
"Thankyou so much for this, I really appreciate it, I love you," I kiss his cheek.
"Anytime beautiful, love you more. Care to explain about this whole murdere thing!"
"Oh yeah, Erm I heard you on the phone the other day and the way you said things sounded totally different in my head and I thought that yeah sorry."
"It's fine, you know I'm not like that, is that why you suddenly walked out!"
"Yeah," I stare at the ground.
"Come here," he pulls me close and we huf for ages.
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