Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!



Mia's POV

The film has just finished so I quickly hurry upstairs to get ready. Half an hour isn't usually long enough for me to get ready but I already done my hair and make up, I only need to get changed. I change into my favourite purple knee-length dress which has small straps. I slip into some silver pumps.

I don't really know why Luke has invited me over. Well of course he wants to see me as it's my birthday, but I don't know if it's just an afternoon together or if I am having a meal out with him or a meal in with his parents so I dress up nice just in case.

I go over my mascara quickly then head downstairs, grabbing my silver bag on the way. 

I notice my mum is no longer in the living room so I check the whole house. Where is she? I glance outside to see her black convertible has disappeared.

Not having a clue where she's gone, I head off to Luke's anyway, dropping him a text on his way:

'On my way babe, see you soon xxx

Oh god. This is it! I don't know what to expect when I arrive at his house. Will someone already be dead? Seriously, is this some sort of dream or what?

I take a big deep breath as I knock on his door.

Nobody answers so I just open it;I've gotten to the stage where I am allowed to now anyway.

I see no light coming from anywhere so I make my way into the living room. I slowly open the door and see darkness for about three seconds until:


I get the shock of my life as the lights come on and loads of people jump out from behind sofas.

"Wow! OMG!" I manage to say.

"Happy birthday baby," Luke pulls me in for a bear hug and kisses my neck.

"And I was stupid enough to think you were a murderer."

Everyone falls silent. Oops... maybe I shouldn't have said that.

But then everyone returns to wishing me happy birthday and giving me hugs and kisses.

This is when my mum appears at my side, a huge grin plastered on her face.

"So this is where you got to," I laugh.

"Yeah, happy birthday darling," she hugs me.

So I'm not going to die... thankgod!

I realise that maybe the person he was on the phone to was possibly the DJ!

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