Did Someone Call For A Love Song?

Does loving someone always turn out fine in the end? Follow the adventures of Mia and Luke to find out!


1. Do I Go For It?

Mia's POV


He's just walked in, look away, look away, I tell myself. Oh great! He's looking over here, but he's smiling. Wow. That smile! Do I smile back? Of course I do. I let my mouth curve into what I'm hoping is a nice smile. I turn my head back towards my lunch; tuna pasta in case you're wondering. My friend, Emily is giving me the *you fancy him* look.
"I do not!" I protest.
"Oh come on. It's obvious. You couldn't look away for at least a minute before you realised it was getting creepy."
"Well...fine! You got me! I fancy him!"
She starts squealing a little too loudly. Almost everyone in the lunch hall turns to face our table, shooting daggers at Emily.
"Sorry!" she shouts.
In case you hadn't already gathered, she isn't afraid to shout things out in public. Where as me on the other hand, I am! I guess you can say I'm shy, but I do have a loud-ish side to me.
"Mia, he's looking at you!"
"You know who!"
"Nah! He doesn't like me in that way."
"There's only one way to find out. Hey L-"
I cut her off before she has chance to get his attention.
"No! No! Don't go asking him," I urge.
"Fine, you go ask him then!"
"No way! I'm too shy."
"Go on, or at least make conversation with him."
I give in and sigh. I slide my chair back,straightening my yellow summer dress out. I bite my lip as I walk over to his table. He shoots his friends this weird look as if to say *shoo* and they leave for another table.
"H-Hi!" I stutter as I take a seat.
"Mia, hi! I like your dress!"
He smacks his palm onto his forehead and curses under his breath.
"Thank you," I giggle.
"What for?"
"It doesn't matter!"
I feel slightly disappointed. What did he say sorry for? I glance over at Emily and she is watching us. When she notices me looking, she smiles.
"Look, do you fancy going for a drink after school?" he blurts out, filling the awkward silence.
"Er, yeah sure!" my heart suddenly starts beating faster.
"Cool, wait outside the gates for me!"
I smile confidently and skip back to my seat.

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